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Massage tables fitting every kind of application

Massage tables are used for a wide range of functions like for example treatments at the physiotherapist’s, a variety of types of massage up to cosmetic and tattoo applications. Usually, we distinguish between:

  • Mobile massage tables
  • Stationery massage tables and
  • Electric tables

Depending on the use of the table, some types are of advantage compared to the others. The main issues that should be considered beforehand when deciding to purchase are mobility, frequency of use, kind of use and accessory details.

The advantages of massage tables, massage beds and massage benches in a survey

  • Especially shaped headrest - allows comfortable prone position of the client
  • Adjustable in heighthelps the therapist or masseur to work in a painless and ergonomic way 
  • Soft paddingensures deep relaxation
  • Hygienicbecause easy to clean 

Which properties does a good massage table have

The Total Weight

The total weight is an important issue for mobile massage tables. A well-balanced relation of mobility  (= lightweight) and weight (= stable) is determining. Especially masseurs and physiotherapists making home visits welcome every saving in weight, having high stability at the same time.

Depending on width, length and total equipment (headrest, armrest, padding thickness etc.), the total weight of our mobile massage tables is between 13 and 19 kg. Just for comparison: a roadworthy bike weighs about 15 kg.

Adjustable in Height

Masseurs and therapists need the tables to be adjustable in height. The different types of massage and treatment methods as well as the difference in body height of the masseurs require height adjustment for fatigue-proof working. The electric height adjustment is especially reasonable in the case of stationary tables, since these are often needed for aged patients.

Width of the Tables

Regrettably there is no optimal width - but a variety of issues to be considered. In order to make an optimal treatment, tall therapists will prefer a rather broad table surface, whereas smaller therapists may prefer the narrow versions in order to have optimal access to all the body regions. In addition, there is the aspect that most of the clients prefer a rather broad table - as to comfortably rest both arms. Our tables are available in width from to.


The length of a massage table is usually indicated by length without headrest. The most common sizes are between 180 cm and 195 cm, the length of the headrest to be added. This makes up total lengths of ca 200 cm to 225 cm. Depending on whether you know the required size for private use or you need a suitable solution for a wide range of applications at work, you will choose the optimal length for you. Please note: the length should be carefully considered especially in the case of mobile massage tables since increasing the length means automatically an increase in weight.

Equipment & Upgrading Options

The massage tables can be upgraded by a series of details. Some of which are a separate headrest, arm and foot rests. Even a transportation trolley, which is a great supplement for mobile tables. We offer also a series of bolsters that might helpful for your treatments. Some of these are positioning wedges, knee roll bolsters, half round or full round bolsters.

Padding & Material

The padding and material ought to be carefully considered since they are a major factor in determining whether the client feels comfortable during the treatment or not. If the padding is too hard, it may result uncomfortable during longer treatments. Just as disagreeable will result a surface material emitting unpleasant exhalations. We have made very good experience with polyurethane synthetic leather, also called PU synthetic leather - a material which is often employed in medical technology. Furthermore, it is eudermic, hypoallergenic, very resistant and easy to clean - optimal properties for a solid massage table.

Weight Carrying Capacity

All the massage tables on are provided with indications on the weight carrying capacity. We distinguish between static and dynamic carrying capacity. Besides the weight of the client, also the treatment method is an aspect with influence on the carrying of a massage table. It may occasionally be necessary for the therapist/masseur to lean on the table with his/her full weight or to create a specific dynamic pressure - this increases the loading of the table. Especially in the case of commercial use of the table, you need to make sure the table possesses sufficient carrying capacity. 

Which treatments are the massage tables especially suitable for

Besides the common applications in terms of massage and therapy, the massage benches are also suitable for cosmetic treatments and tattoo artists. 
A massage table can be used for a very wide range of treatments and since it is cost-efficient, it is even suitable for private use.

Which massage table can be recommended for private use?

The mobile/foldable massage tables are especially suitable for private use. They can easily be folded and stored in space-saving way. Besides, the massage tables can be placed anywhere (for instance in the bathroom or in the living room) - an unbeatable advantage which a stationary massage table cannot offer.

Cleaning of Massage Tables

Especially the commercially used massage tables require particular care in terms of cleaning and hygiene. Disposable headrest covers and perforated paper rolls for the massage table surface have established in surgeries and hospitals. They are easy to handle, quick and economic. Also available are toweling massage table covers which are often used in massage studios. For thorough cleaning, we recommend a mild disinfectant like for example CosiMed Disinfectand Cleaner.