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What is a Mobile Massage Table?

A portable massage table is a perfect solution for:

  • therapists that work mobile
  • beginners
  • private use
  • organizers of massage classes and seminars

A mobile massage table is different from a stationary massage table because of its low weight. With a carrier bag or trolley, it is easy to transport. Portable massage tables are foldable, the different elements like headrest and arm slope are being attached with velcro strips. When it is folded together, the mobile massage table has the compact shape of a suitcase.

Portable massage tables are very stable despite their low weight. Hinges and steel ropes provide longevity and even a mobile massage table can carry up to 360 kg depending on the model.

What is Important When Purchasing a Mobile Massage Table?

Our range of foldable therapy tables offers great variety so that you won’t have a problem finding the right one for you. When purchasing your massage table, look out for the right features.

Some of our therapy tables not only have a headrest but also a face hole that is being used when treating someone in a prone position. The hole can vary in shape and when not using it, it’s being closed with a filler pad.

Do you want to offer dynamic treatments or spa massages? A foldable massage table with thin padding like the Zen Basic Niveau makes sure each of your grips is highly effective. For more tender treatments that allow your patient to relax, we recommend using a massage table with thick padding and additional memory foam like the Zen Oval Flat Top. The foam makes the table very soft and adjusts itself to the body.

The shape might matter as well. For sound bowl therapy choose a bigger massage table like the Zen Big One to profit from more space. If you want to perform Shiatsu treatments instead, we recommend taking a look at the bran Earthlite. The Shiatsu feature allows you to fold back the legs and put the table flat onto the floor.

Mobile Massage Tables Made of Wood

A portable massage table made of wood is very pleasant to look at and adds color to your workplace. Our tables are made of either German beech or maple wood and can be combined with colorful protective covers.

Mobile massage tables that are made of wood, are being adjusted in height with the help of screws. You can choose between 10 levels to find the right height.

Some treatment tables like the Massunda Rondavista 2 Deluxe or the Earthlite Avalon XD Tilt allows you to also recline the backrest

Mobile Massage Tables Made of Aluminium

Foldable massage tables with an aluminum frame weigh less. Instead of screws, you can use a hole pattern to adjust the height.

Aluminum massage tables like our Zen Oval Light often don’t weigh more than 12 kg and offer stability nonetheless as well as high-quality padding. Furthermore, the massage table Zen Oval Light has a central cable which creates more legroom and provides additional firmness.

Alternative Massage Chair

Massage chairs are even lighter than massage tables made of aluminum and still offer many handy features. You can change the height, head and arm rest and the sternum pillow creates comfort when sitting. Just like tables, you can fold up massage chairs and easily transport them inside a carrier bag.

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