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Disposable headrest covers and massage table paper sheets

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Disposable Headrest Covers, Sheets with Nose Slot and Paper Rolls

Wherever there are massage tables being used, it is extremely important to observe a hygienic protection of the tables in order to keep them nice and tidy for a long while. All patients and clients appreciate a clean and comfortable location, whether at their physician's surgery or in a massage parlour, during physiotherapy or at a cosmetics or tattoo studio.

Our practical disposable sheets provide simple, comfortable and economic help:

  • Disposable headrest cover made of fleece with Y-shaped nose slot
  • Sheets with nose slot made of fibre
  • Paper rolls made of cellulose

The dimensions of the consumables are fully adapted to the practical requirements. The length and width of the exam table paper are defined in order to fit on every table. The disposable headrest covers have a nose slot in the proper place so that they adapt perfectly to the headrest's shape.

Why should we use disposable products?

The use of medical exam paper, disposable covers or any other type of hygienic covers is indispensable in our every-day work. On the other hand, we would also have to use paper sheets in combination with Desinfectants, in order to provide proper hygiene for every new patient. The massage table covers are quick and easy to change. The packet sizes and the perforation of the paper rolls to help tearing off the sheets are very practical and help saving material.

The Advantages in a Nutshell

 The hygienic covers are of advantage from the surgery's as well as the patient's point of view. Our products are: eudermic – made of 100% cellulose or fibre and fleece

  • Tear-proof
  • Particularly absorbent – 2 layers
  • Hygienic
  • Maximum Protection (for example against Massage Oils)
  • Particularly broad - and hence suitable for a huge variety of table sizes
  • Saving – thanks to perforation
  • Comfortable – very soft, cosy and odourless
  • Big Advantage: Our disposable headrest covers don't leave any mark on the patient's face!

Which are the dimensions and package sizes?

The practical paper rolls for treatment tables, also called medical exam table paper, have a size of 59 x 33 cm per sheet. Being 59 cm broad, they are suitable for all massage tables. One roll is 50 m long, and there come 9 rolls in each carton.

The disposable high quality headrest covers with Y-shaped nose slot are ideal for all popular cushions and have a size of 41 x 35 cm. One package contains 100 XXL disposable Premium headrest covers.

The eudermic headrest cover sheets made of fibre have an X-shaped nose slot and a size of approx. 35 cm x 40 cm. There are 500 pieces in one package for professional use.


The paper rolls are also a saving and hygienic alternative for the use on the diaper changing table.

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