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Massage table BERLIN | electric 3-segments
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Physiotherapy table ROM | electric 2-segments
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Physiotherapy table BARCELONA | electric...
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Massage Table Lady Mary
From 3,950.00€ *
Massage Table Sir Henry
From 4,150.00€ *

Hydraulic and Electric Therapy Tables – Stationary Massage Tables

Stationary massage tables and in particular electric or hydraulic therapy tables are made for the professional use. They are perfectly suitable for:

  • MasseursComfortable and at the same time variable
  • PhysiotherapistsAlways the perfect working height & treatment surface
  • Cosmetics studios - Silent and stable
  • Tattoo Artists - Resistant  

Hydraulic therapy tables are made for durable and intensive use, their comfort and material properties being some important criteria. The tables shall be equally comfortable for the client and the therapist. However, you can purchase also very good stationary and electric massage tables at very good prices.

Which criteria should you consider when choosing a stationary massage table? 

The following criteria should be checked when looking for the best suitable stationary table:

  • Height/Width
  • Height adjustment
  • Padding
  • Surface material
  • Properties of the headrest
  • Loading capacity of the table
  • Design

What are the advantages of stationary and electric tables?

Stable treatment tables are of course the right choice for the professional use in surgeries, studios and rehabilitation centres – wherever you have a permanent location. The advantage over mobile tables is that the stationary tables are bigger and higher and have better stability.

Stationary massage tables needn't abstain from weight and material and can hence offer you full comfort. What makes the treatment particularly comfortable is the electric height adjustment, even better still with the practical foot switch which helps the therapist work always in perfect ergonomic position. 


Especially for elderly persons, it is easier to lay down on a table with electric or hydraulic height adjustment, our lifting motors being extremely silent and reliable.

Which range of functionalities do our stationary and electric massage tables have?

There are various versions available, differing for example in the padding, the chassis or the motor power. However, all our stationary tables dispose of the very best requirements for a comfortable ergonomic treatment due to:Aber alle stationären Liegen bieten beste Voraussetzungen für eine angenehme, ergonomische Behandlung durch:

  • soft, odourless, hygienic material
  • excellent padding
  • high stability and loading capacity
  • ergonomic height adjustment

Some of the stationary therapy tables give you the option to choose between different width or padding. Some tables offer extra benefit through a very special environmentally friendly material, the properties of the headrest or the huge legroom for the therapist during the treatment, whereas some models dispose of integrated heating function, which can also be achieved separately by means of our Table Warmer.

Extensive Guarantee and Warranty

Our stationary massage tables are warranted for two years, the motor for three years, and they have a lifetime guarantee on the chassis.

Where does the extra „Wellness Factor“ come from?

The comfortable soft and odourless material, the gentle, extremely silent height adjustment, a wider lying surface, its thick and comfortable padding, the variable ergonomic headrestall these are factors that ensure the right treatment comfort. The Massage Tables with electric heating of course provide even more relaxation and can hence boost the effect of the treatment. 

The wooden frame creates some extra well-being atmosphere, like in the case of the Wooden Treatment Table Lady Mary, which is already an eye-catcher with its notably curved massive chassis.

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