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Handheld massagers and massage tools

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Massage Device for Masseurs, Therapists and Home Application

Massage tools are designed to exercise specific pressure on certain points, in particular for:

  • Reflexology
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage on the Neck or Back

Each massage tool has a specific shape which permits to exercise specific pressure on certain trigger points, supporting the therapist's treatment in power and intensity.

Which Kinds of Tools Are There and Which Kinds of Treatment Are They Used For?

Each massage tool has been designed for one or more specific zones. One of the most popular massage tools is the massage ball.

The massage rollers have a stimulating effect and help exercise uniform pressure in extended zones during the treatment of the trigger points. They are also used very often for the relaxation and stretching of the muscles before practising physical exercises. Just like the so called Body Back Buddy and other manual massage tools, they are also suitable for self-massage at home.

Among the most popular handy little massage tools, there are also the Knobber, Jacknobber and wooden massage tools for therapists such as the wooden massage cross or reflexology sticks.

How Does a Tool Facilitate the Massage?

The massage instruments are made to facilitate the massage and support the masseur to exercise specific pressure on pain-provoking body regions such as:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Arms and legs

The little helpers emphasise the pressure and avoid excessive exertion which helps the therapist optimise the dosing of his energy and are especially important for the trigger point therapy.

What Are Fascia and Why Should They Be Massaged or Treated and How Can a Massage Tool Help?

The word “fascia” originates from the Latin “fascia” and means “band” or “bandage”. The fascia enclose muscles and other structures and hence make up the connective tissue. There are various factors that can cause the fascia to get glued:

  • Muscle tensions
  • Hardenings
  • or Backache.

Specific fascia tools can help release the connective tissue uniformly. A fascia tool is a massage device with a specific shape for the treatment of various pain points.

Every How Often Are Treatments Recommendable?

Generally, the fascia training can be recommended 2 to 3 times per week for 10-20 minutes.

Which Device Is Recommendable for Self-Massage?

The Body Back Buddy or Thera Cane Massage Tool are ideal for self-massage. These massage tools have been designed to reach those myofascial trigger points that are difficult to access (hypersensitive focuses inside the muscle). Being small and handy, also the “Knobble” is suitable for self-massage, a tiny wooden massage tool that is applied for the exertion of specific pressure on trigger points in the back, the neck and shoulder regions.

Which Body Regions Are Massaged/Treated with Which Device? Which Are the Target Muscle Groups? 

The massage tools are principally suited for various body regions. Whereas the “Knobble” exerts pressure on a very small surface, the Knobber and Jacknobber are most appropriate for those regions that require a thumb-sized strong pressure.

A self-massage tool like the Thera Cane or the Body Back Buddy can be of great help when there is no partner available.

As for reflexology, there are plenty of suitable tools like the massage ball, the massage roller or the Knobber. In order to relax extensive muscles or stretch them before the sports, the massage rollers can do a good job.

The massage sticks on the other hand help the therapist exert huge force with deep effect on tensed muscle regions (especially in the dorsal zone), whereas the fascia tools help the therapist relax the connective tissue on the entire body.

If So, Which Massage Oil Should Be Used? 


For a sliding pressure, it is recommendable to massage the skin to be treated beforehand gently with some massage oil. Once absorbed deep into the skin, the oil has vitalising and caring effect. Depending on the type of massage, there can be used relaxing, skin care or revitalising Massage Oil.

Also before the fascia treatment, the application of fascia wax can be recommended since it gives the right slip-proof effect and control for the massage. After the fascia treatment, the rubbing with a massage lotion is usually perceived as a very pleasant skin care.

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