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In this blog article, you'll read about which types of physiotherapy are already being used, what the latest studies show and what challenges the sector is facing
Social media is not only suitable for entertainment, but also for promoting your massage practice. Here you will find a guide on creating profiles, using hashtags, and regularly creating relevant posts.
Find out how exercising and cognitive health are connected and how you can include that knowledge into your therapy concepts.
With the right essential oil you can alleviate pain, relax and lift the mood.
Learn how to turn new faces into regulars.
Long working hours, lots of pressures, few breaks: An Incredibly high number of physiotherapists suffers from burnout at least once in their career. How can this be prevented and treated?
With these exercises, physiotherapists can treat back pain, rheumatism and co.
Get ready to pimp your workout with these popular trends.
These are the things you'll need for a successful start.
Stay active when you're at work. These exercises will help you protect yourself from painful tension.

How to Set Up Your Massage Studio Properly

We show you how to turn your studio into a spa oasis.

Tendonitis - What You Can Do Now

What can you do about the pain of tendonitis and how can it be prevented?

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Gun

Feeling tense? You can treat yourself and others with the help of a massage gun. We show you how.

How Do I Choose The Right Therapy Table?

If you want to buy a stationary therapy table, you should pay attention to certain features and criterias.
Medical mud has been used since ancient times and is a popular kind of heat therapy.

Lymph Drainage - Treating Swollen Arms and Legs

Lymphdrainage is a popular therapy to treat edemas. In this article, you’ll learn the most important facts regarding the topic.

Our 5 Favorite Trends For Wellness and Fitness 2022

New trends are constantly emerging and promising a lot. The same is true for this year. We took the time to choose our 5 favorite ones that guarantee to help you improve your health.

Sauna and Sport - The Right Mix Matters

The sauna is a popular spa treatment which supports both health and relaxation. Going to he sauna is often combined with physical training but what do you need to keep in mind to achieve a maximized synergie?

No More Migraines - No More Medication

Migraines can limit us and our life quality suffers. But it's not even that hard to face the pain and alleviate it. In this blog article we share some ways to get rid of headaches.

Hot Stones - Exactly What You Need on Cold Days

The Hot Stone Massage is a popular treatment form for cold days and uses heated stones to clear blockages and relax the body.

Our 5 Favorite Tips Against Stress

We all are familiar with stress but don't always know how to deal with it. In our new blog article we share effective and simple tips that will help you right now to live with less stress.

The Right Way Of Using Knee Rolls

Knee rolls are available in different sizes, shapes and colors but they all have one thing in common - They help the therapist or masseur to position the patient correctly. We'll tell you everything you need to know.

Trigger point massage - pain treatment

Trigger points are hardened muscles which cause pain and limit mobility. Luckily there are a lot of things you can do to treat them.

Fighting Back Pain - Things To Do Right Now

When the back hurts it burdens everyday life and sometimes its almost impossible to find the root of the problem. We’ll show you how to fight the problem - simply, quick and without export knowledge.
Stretching is a popular method to increase the performance before training and prevent sore muscles. But there is a lot to know about the topic and some myths that need to be cleared up.

New Energy Thanks to Vibration Massage

Vibration massages are widely popular in massage studios or for private use and help revitalize the body. There are a lot of different massage tools that will help you facilitate your training - you can find an overview here.
Shiatsu massages are popular worldwide and provide the body with new energy and power. In this blog article you will find out the roots of this Japanese medicine and its benefits.

Ayurveda - Godly Medicine

Ayurveda is an Indian medicine that has been practiced for hundred of years. Today you can enjoy a relaxing Ayurveda massage in almost every spa hotel. But why are they so popular?

Chiropractic - Is it Dangerous or Genius?

Chiropractors are therapists who treat dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Risks are often discussed. But is chiropractic really dangerous? And what can it actually do?

Osteopathy - Solving Blockades With Hands

Osteopathy is an independent form of medicine, where the diagnosis and therapy are being carried out with the osteopath’s hands. It was established 140 years ago by the American doctor Andrew Taylor Still and since then it has been developed and refined continuously. Fascia, the thin connective tissue, are of particular importance. It can be used to find causes of pains that often arise elsewhere in the body. According to osteopathy, fascia can transfer changes and with that solve blockades and improve health.
Physiotherapists enjoy a great reputation for good reason. They manage to alleviate pain, improve mobility of the joints, fight diseases and preserve both endurance and coordination. But what exactly does a physiotherapist do and what does he need for successful therapy?
What does a masseur need to offer others a few minutes of complete relaxation?
Take a break. A relaxing massage and the right oil go hand in hand. But the choice is huge and can be confusing. What should you consider when you purchase massage oil? What effect does it have and which ingredients should be avoided? This blog answers all of those questions and more.
Buying a table is the first step towards independence, but it is also a great challenge for newcomers. This guide brings you closer to the differences between mobile massage tables and stationary therapy tables so that you can easily make the right decision.
What is a therapy table?
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