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Spa to Go: Tips for Home Visits

You want to offer home massages? You'll find out here what you need to know in order to grow a successful business.
Physiotherapy has been experiencing a shortage of skilled workers for years. Why is that and how can we change it?
With the right technique your training can be even more effective.
Start today with strength training for a healthier body.
Coinfycare adjusted all therapy beds to the newest safety requirements. Find out here what that means.
Find out how you can get rid of back pain for good.
Autsch! Es hat plötzlich geknackt und jetzt verursacht jede Bewegung einen stechenden Schmerz? Erfahren Sie jetzt, wie Sie Rückenschmerzen effektiv lindern und langfristig vorbeugen!

Chronic Pain: How Physiotherapy Can Help You

What physiotherapy treatments can help with chronic pain? Find out here.

The Pros & Cons of Fitness Trackers

We show you how to use fitness trackers properly, how to pick the right onw and what alternatives there are.
Together with neurologist Jens Schäfer we looked at the opportunities and challenges that come with interdisciplinary work.

Zen For Beginners: A Meditation Manual

Meditation calms the mind and allows for a break from everyday life. Learn how to start your meditation journey today.
Classical stretching has been facing controversies for a long time now. Does it really help? And what might be more effective?
Are you taking part in training programs regularly? Whether its a workshop, a seminar or a certification program - We show you how you can find the right training.

Uncovered: The Biggest Myths in Physiotherapy

Do padded running shoes prevent injury? Is it normal to suffer from pain as you get older? These and more myths we discuss in this blog article.
Find out, which techniques are suitable for pregnancy massages and what precautions have to be met.
Whether it's a seminar, a course or master studies: Physiotherapists can use further and continuing education to expand their knowledge and boost their practice. We have compiled the most important information for you.
What are AR and VR? How can masseurs adapt to new technologies? And what trends are popular right now?

6 Effective Tips For Increasing Your Motivation

Everyone's unmotivated sometimes but with the right strategies you can strengthen your will and chase your goals more effectively.
In this blog article, you'll read about which types of physiotherapy are already being used, what the latest studies show and what challenges the sector is facing
Social media is not only suitable for entertainment, but also for promoting your massage practice. Here you will find a guide on creating profiles, using hashtags, and regularly creating relevant posts.
Find out how exercising and cognitive health are connected and how you can include that knowledge into your therapy concepts.
With the right essential oil you can alleviate pain, relax and lift the mood.
Learn how to turn new faces into regulars.
Long working hours, lots of pressures, few breaks: An Incredibly high number of physiotherapists suffers from burnout at least once in their career. How can this be prevented and treated?
With these exercises, physiotherapists can treat back pain, rheumatism and co.
Get ready to pimp your workout with these popular trends.
These are the things you'll need for a successful start.
Stay active when you're at work. These exercises will help you protect yourself from painful tension.

How to Set Up Your Massage Studio Properly

We show you how to turn your studio into a spa oasis.

Tendonitis - What You Can Do Now

What can you do about the pain of tendonitis and how can it be prevented?

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Gun

Feeling tense? You can treat yourself and others with the help of a massage gun. We show you how.

How Do I Choose The Right Therapy Table?

If you want to buy a stationary therapy table, you should pay attention to certain features and criterias.

Heat Therapy with Moor and Co.

Medical mud has been used since ancient times and is a popular kind of heat therapy.

Lymph Drainage - Treating Swollen Arms and Legs

Lymphdrainage is a popular therapy to treat edemas. In this article, you’ll learn the most important facts regarding the topic.

Our 5 Favorite Trends For Wellness and Fitness 2022

New trends are constantly emerging and promising a lot. The same is true for this year. We took the time to choose our 5 favorite ones that guarantee to help you improve your health.

Sauna and Sport - The Right Mix Matters

The sauna is a popular spa treatment which supports both health and relaxation. Going to he sauna is often combined with physical training but what do you need to keep in mind to achieve a maximized synergie?
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