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The Knobble - The Original
17.90€ * 9.90€ *
Disposable Headrest Covers
18.90€ * From 11.90€ *
cosimed Disinfectant Cleaner
From 15.95€ *
Content 1 Liter
Zen Hanging Armsling
29.00€ * 19.00€ *
Zen Face Pillow | PU Leather
49.00€ * 24.90€ *
Footrest For Massage Tables
39.00€ * 29.00€ *
Zen Massage Table Warmer
49.90€ * 34.90€ *
Acupressure mat orange
44.95€ * 34.95€ *
Folding Massage Stool
49.00€ * 39.00€ *
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In our practice supplies shop you can purchase many different add-ons and additional tools. Discover everything that is possible with the help of:

The Right Accessories for Your Massage Table

Depending on the type of massage you will need different add-ons to get the most out of your massage table. Our massage supplies offer you ergonomic roller stools and high-quality protective covers as well as footrests for your massage table which you can simply install on the existing headrest inlets and expand the lying surface. A knee bolster can make a big difference as well and depending on its shape it can help with different things. The Large Half Round Bolster by Zen Massage Ware for example helps you optimize the supine and lateral position of your patient and serves as an underlay for knee and feet joints. A soft knee bolster like the Fluffy on the other hand helps support the neck during the massage and is great for patients with a bad blood circulation. All accessories in our practice supplies are available in different colors.

Diverse Treatments With the Help of Massage Tools

Our practice supplies include practical accessories as well as testes massage tools for a diverse training. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to do something good for yourself. An acupressure mat for example can be used by lying down, sitting or standing and relieves muscle tension while also improving the blood flow. Other tools in our practice supplies like the Styleholz Woodsticks allow you to actively train your fasciae. Fasciae can glue together or harden which causes pain and limits your mobility. The right massage tool helps you unglue the bonding and regain your mobility at the same time. You will also find massage tools for the so-called trigger point treatment. With tools like the Jacknobber you can focus on trigger points to fight hardening and relax the nervous system.

Always a Clean Work Space Thanks to Sanitary Products

In our practice supplies you can find not only equipment and massage tools but also important sanitary products which will help you make sure that your work space is always sterile and that your massage table as well as the accessories are being cleaned properly. The disinfectant wipes by cosiMed are great against bacteria, fungi and viruses and suited for all kinds of surfaces. This way you can easily and quickly fight dangerous filth and make sure that nothing stands between you and a successful massage.

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