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Hypervolt Applicator Set | 5 pcs
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Hyperice Hypervolt - Case
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Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Vibration Massage Role
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Hyperice - Venom Massage Belt
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What does vibration training do?

  • stimulates blood flow
  • alleviates pain
  • improves the mobility of joins
  • prevents sports injuries
  • helps the regeneration of muscles after the training
  • improves the performance of the muscles to prepare for sports competitions

What is vibration training?

Training with vibration massage tools is part of the pain and fascia therapy and helps the regeneration and strengthening of fasciae. As functional training, it causes a reduction of pain and supports the muscle tonus.

Vibration massage tools are being used everywhere where fascia cause pain: arms and legs, neck, back and back muscles. The vibration smoothens fasciae, stimulates blood flow and reduces pain. A training with vibration massage tools can hurt but that is a sign of its effectiveness. Through continuous fascia training, you can increase your pain threshold and flexibility during stretching.

How often should you use vibration massage?

Vibration massage training to strengthen and regenerate fascia should be done continuously two times a week. Self-treatment with a fascia roll, BlackRoll or Hypervolt lasts at least 6 months, even when you can see improvements earlier on. We recommend that you keep treating yourself with vibration massage tools to not lose the positive effect.

What are fasciae and what do they do?

Fascia is the soft part of the connective tissue and is located all over the entire body. It is white or transparent and covers numerous tissue types in our organism. This important component of the connective tissue connects the muscles as well as organs and the skeleton. Furthermore, they ensure proper support without muscles losing their shape and use. When stretching muscles, fasciae are also important.

Fasciae send information regarding pain, tension and body reception to the brain. This way, they are connected to the psyche as well. Their whole surface is bigger than that of the skin. Often, pain in the area of muscles is caused by problems with fasciae. For a long time, fasciae have gotten little recognition but today their relevance has been proven scientifically, just like the effectiveness of vibration training.

How often should you train fasciae?

The training with vibration massage tools is being performed two to three times a week but not more in order to not cause any over-stressing through the vibration. It is important to be continuous with the exercises because the renewal and strengthening of connective tissue as well as improving the mobility of joints takes a lot of time. After about three months of continuous training, some people already notice first improvements.
But it still takes up to 2 years to regenerate fasciae through self-massage. Vibration massage tools like the Hypervolt, fascia roll, BlackRoll and BlackRoll Booster are effective tools to decrease existing tensions and ungluing fasciae. With vibration massage, you can reach deep layers of the connective tissue which will cause strengthening and regenerating effects.

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