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What Are the Effects of Vibration Training? 

  • Stimulation of blood circulation 
  • Pain relief 
  • Improves the mobility of the joints and stimulates self-mobilisation 
  • Prevents sporting accidents 
  • Benefits the muscle regeneration after the training or sport 
  • Boosts the performance of the musculature, for example as preparation for sports competitions 

What Is Vibration Training? 

The training with a vibration massage device is part of pain relief and fascia therapy and helps regenerating and strengthening the fascia. It is a functional training which reduces pain and has positive effect on the muscle contraction (muscle tonus).

The vibration massage tools are used wherever there are fasciae causing troubles: arms & legs, neck, back and back musculature. The vibration makes the fascia smoother, stimulates blood circulation and reduces pain.

The training with a vibration massage tool may result painful during the application, which indicates that it is being effective. By practising continuous fascia training, you can raise the pain tolerance and the stretching flexibility. 

How Often Should You Practise the Vibration Massage? 

The vibration massage tool for the strengthening and regeneration of the fascia is to be done regularly two times per week. The self-treatment with the foam roller, the BlackRoll Booster, the BlackRoll, the SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE TRAINING or Hypervolt should be practised for at least six months, even of you achieve some successful results some time sooner.

Indeed, we recommend a further continuation of the self-treatment with vibration massage tools even after the six month period in order to maintain long-lasting positive effects. If you keep on practising your fascia training regularly, you can refresh the success of the initial treatment.

The given training intervals of two to three times per week should not be exceeded. Otherwise, this might cause some troubles since the regeneration after the training takes some time. 

What are the Fasciae and their Function? 

The fascia is the soft part of the connective tissue all over the body. It is of white to transparent colour and covers various types of tissue in our organism. The most important components of the connective tissue connect the musculature, the organs and skeleton. Furthermore, they provide the determining stability without which the muscles would lose their shape and hence their functionality.

They also play an important role at the extension of the muscles. The fasciae transmit some information on pain, tension and body awareness to the brain, which means that these components of the connective tissue are also somehow connected to our mind. Their whole surface all over our body is larger than the surface of the skin. Very often, some pain in the musculature indicates that there are fascia troubles.

For a long time, the fascia had not really been taken into consideration, but meanwhile, the importance and effectiveness of the vibration training have been proven scientifically.

Every How Often Should We Practise the Fascia Training? 

The training with a vibration massage tool shall be practised twice or three times per week, but no more than that, in order not to cause overstress by vibration. The most important thing is the constant continuity of the exercises since the regeneration and strengthening of the connective tissue as well as the self-mobilisation and joint mobility require quite a long time.

The first positive results may appear already after a period of three months of regular training, but it can take up to two years to regenerate the fascia by means of self-massage. The vibration massage devices like the Hypervolt, the foam roller, the BlackRoll and BlackRoll Booster are effective tools for the reduction and release of existing tensions or glued fascia. The vibration massage reaches also the deep layers of the connective tissue and hence provides the strengthening and regenerating effects.

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