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Styleholz Woodstick Cover
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BellaBambi® Mini Solos
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BellaBambi® Original Solo
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BellaBambi® Maxi Solo
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FASZIO® Cupping Set
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BellaBambi® Mini Trio
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Acupressure set VITAL DELUXE soft
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BellaBambi® Release-Bundle
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BellaBambi® Original trio
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BellaBambi® Maxi Duo
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Why should fascia be treated?

In the medical professions, such as physiotherapy and massage, the treatment of the fascia is often part of the standard repertoire. Fascia, also known as connective tissue, are found all over the body. They span organs, but also bones, joints and muscles. So-called sticking and hardening often occur here. The result can be pain and restricted mobility. Thus, further therapy techniques can be made more difficult.

With fascia treatments for therapeutic success

As a masseur or therapist, you should familiarize yourself with fascia therapy. A patient who starts therapy with less pain or less mobility can be treated more easily. At the same time, fascia therapy can be a good start to support the success of the treatment with a dual tone between therapeutic treatment and exercises performed by the patient himself. Challenge your patients to exercise their fascia actively and independently.
We at the Massageliegenhaus carry products from BlackRoll or BellaBambi as well as various other massage tools that enable independent fascia treatment.

What fascia tools are there?

The range of fascia tools is hardly manageable. We have decided to only offer the fascia devices that we also use ourselves. With BellaBambi we have a modern set of fascia bells on offer, which gently treats the fascia with the cupping method. Our book + cupping set is also practical, for everyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the subject of cupping. With BlackRoll we have a professional in fascia treatment in our range. Our offer ranges from the classic fascia roll to the electrically supported BlackRoll Booster Set variant. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of fascia treatment.
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