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Portable Massage tables and massage chairs

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Portable massage tables & Folding massage tables for every use

Portable massage tables are often used by masseurs and physiotherapists making home visits. Some important aspects in this concern are:

  • Stability and durability
  • Low weight & firm standing position
  • Easy mobility
  • Variable height adjustment

More and more surgeries and massage studios rely on folding massage tables - since these tables allow a flexible use of the spaces and the saving of occupancy costs. Besides, the purchase cost for portable tables is far lower than the one for stationery massage tables. 

The advantages of portable massage tables are: total flexibility in mobile use - from home visits to the use in a studio and economic acquisition. 

Portable massage tables - perfect relaxation

Mobile massage tables are of great interest not only for masseurs and physiotherapists, but you can also enjoy professional massages in your private sphere. The folding massage tables make this possible. The advantages of foldable massage tables for your home are obvious:

  • storable in space-saving way
  • easy to set up anywhere
  • easy to clean
  • the pleasure of massages at home - anytime

Quality characteristics of mobile massage tables

A portable massage table require other quality standards than a stationery massage bed. It is mainly the weight, the folding mechanism and the material deciding in about the advantage of mobility of the massage tables.

The Massageliegenhaus offers foldable massage tables between 13 and 19 kg. For a direct comparison, we suggest to consider aspects like the length, the width and the height adjustment - these have direct influence on the total weight, but they determine also the comfort and range of use. Make use of our practical product comparison. If your decision goes for a rather heavy table, a transportation trolley may be a reasonable supplement.

Apart from the weight, also the folding mechanism is determining for the durability of a frequently used mobile massage table. Continuous articulations increase the weight minimally, but at the same time, they allow a reliable folding mechanism.

Talking about the structure of the portable massage tables, the most common materials are wood and aluminum. A construction in aluminum offers the great advantage of a considerable weight reduction, but this may result in a loss of stability for some models. The wooden tables offer a more agreeable visual impact in comparison as well as very firm standing position. Depending on the model, also among the wooden tables it is possible to have a low weight table around 13 kg.

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