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The Knobble
With its smooth grip and easy hold, the Knobble acts as an extension of your hand. This tool ensures your fingers won’t slip while applying the pressure needed. The Knobble is ideal for trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage or...
9.90€ * 17.90€ *
Headrest cover (Terry)
Our headrest cover protects your face pillow against oil, sweat, facial lotions and makeup.They are really soft and provide much more comfort for your customer! Easy to care for and perfect for daily use.
9.95€ *
Disposable Headrest Covers (100 pcs)
For hygiene reasons, we recommend you our headrest covers. These covers are used to protect the headrest from sweat and dirt. Your clients will love the feel of our disposable headrest covers. Made of grade fiber, soft, practical and...
11.90€ * 18.90€ *
Oil resistant facerest cover
Keep your face pillows free from oil stains and residue with our Oil-Resistant Face Pillow Cover. This convenient cover is backed with a durable woven lining and made of oil-proof and waterproof PU Leather, which is super soft and...
14.95€ *
Zen Hanging Armsling
The Hanging Armsling provides much more comfort to your client. It allows you a better and more deeper access to the upper back and shoulders.You can work more effectively the muscles in those areas. It is easy to install as it attaches...
19.00€ * 29.00€ *
Strech Fitted Sheets
Our fitted stretch sheets for massage tables fits all standard-sized massage tables with lengths of 185cm to 195cm and widths of 71cm to 81cm . They are made of 75 % cotton and 25 % polyester, machine washable and very durable.
19.90€ *
Zen Face Pillow
This face pillow is designed to fit to our standard headrests . It is of high-density, small-cell foam and covered with our oil and waterproof PU-leather upholstery. Very comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly .
24.90€ * 49.00€ *
Zen Small Half Round Bolster
The small Half Round Bolster is a foam-filled bolster with zipper and a strap handle. It provides extra comfort and support and also helps to relieve muscle strain . Ideal for support of the ankles. Made of PU leather, it is water and...
25.00€ *
ZEN terry cloth cover
Material zu 100 % recyclefähig
26.95€ *
Zen Fluffy Bolster
The Fluffy Bolster is filled with ultra-soft foam and is ideal for clients with blood circulation problems . Air vents at each end allow it to shape itself for various uses. Additional Information: Height: 20 cm Width: 20 cm Length: 66...
28.90€ *
Paper Roll Holder
The Paper Roll Holder fits easily into your headrest outlets of your massage table. The distance between the centers of the Paper Roll Holder poles are adjustable to fit to different sizes. The pole diameter is 2 cm.
29.00€ * 49.00€ *
The footrest adds 28 cm to the lenght of your massage table. You can simply insert the footrest in one of your headrest outlets of your table. Our extensions matching color and upholstery and are the perfect complement to your massage...
29.00€ *
Zen 3/4 Bolsters
Our ZEN 3/4 Bolsters are flat on one side and when placed under the knees, ankles or neck, they help to relieve muscle strain . The special form prevents the bolster from rolling down the massage table. Exceptional price! Additional...
29.00€ *
Zen Full Round Bolster
The Full Round Massage Bolster is one of our most popular bolsters. It is very versatile and can be used to support neck, ankles or knees. Additional Information: Height: 15 cm Width: 15 cm Length: 66 cm Cushioning: PU-Leather
29.00€ *
Folding Massage Stool
Our Folding Massage Stool is the perfect complement to your massage table. He is easy to fold and weighs only 3.5 kg . Available in the same colors as our ZEN Massage tables . Additional Information: Height: 48 cm Seating: 33 x 33 cm...
29.00€ *
Zen Large Half Round Bolster
The large half round bolster can be placed under the knees and ankles. They are fitted with a strap on one of its ends that ensures an easy handling during the treatment. Additional Information: Height: 11 cm Width: 23 cm Length: 66 cm...
29.00€ *
Aluminium Headrest
The Multi-Adjustable Headrest fits to all of our portable massage tables. The headrest fits with our face pillow. Additional Information: Pole Diameter: ca. 2 cm Pole Distance (centrical): ca. 20,5 cm Weight: ca. 0,5 kg
39.00€ * 49.00€ *
Zen Carrying Cases
Protect your table with our nylon carrying case to guard against bumps and scrapes. It has a comfortable padded shoulder strap, which allows you to balance the weight of the table. Our ZEN Carrying Cases comes in different sizes to...
39.00€ *
Oil-resistant PU-cover for massage tables
If you work with lots of oil during massage (e.g. Ayurvedic massage, Hawaiian massage), you need our Oil-Resistant Table Cover. This useful cover keeps your table free from oils stains and residue and it’s easy to clean. It is available...
39.95€ *
Paperrolls (9 pcs)
For hygienic reasons, we recommend our couch covers for massage tables . These serve as a support alternative to the clamping cover. They are made of durable, soft pulp; very economical, functional and feel pleasantly soft. With...
49.00€ *
Zen Transport Trolley
Enjoy the ease and reduced strain of rolling your table during travel. Our transport trolley fits with most of portable massage tables . He can also be folded. Additional Information: Dimensions when folded: ca. 70 x 35 x 20 cm Weight:...
49.90€ *
Zen Pneumatic Massage Stool
The pneumatic massage stool is the perfect compliment to your massage table, in matching upholstery. They offer a height range from 48cm to 60cm with a extra thick padded seat, made of PU leather. Additional Information: Adjustable...
49.95€ *
Ölresistenter PU-Schonbezug-Set | 2-teilig
Wenn Sie während der Massage mit viel Öl arbeiten (z.B. Lomi Lomi oder Ayurveda-Massagen), empfehlen wir unser ölresistentes PU-Schonbezugs-Set. Bestehend aus einem Liegen- und Kopfstützenbezug, hält diese nützliche Kombination Ihre...
49.95€ *
Disposable Headrest Covers (500 pcs)
For hygiene reasons, we recommend you our headrest covers . These covers are used to protect the headrest from sweat and dirt. Your clients will love the feel of our disposable headrest covers. Made of grade fiber, soft, practical and...
59.00€ *
Zen Pro Pneumatic Massage Stool
Our model Zen Pro meets all the requirements of the medical profession to make a health-promoting and ergonomic furniture. Ideal for medical practice, workshop and laboratory, hair and beauty salons, office or at home. The Zen Pro is...
59.95€ *
Massage Table Zen StartUp
Our popular massage table Zen StartUp . High Quality for a great price, you'll never find somewhere else. The massage tables comes with a headrest, armsling and carry case. We grant you ten years warranty on the frame and two years on...
119.00€ * 149.00€ *
Massage Table Zen Basic Niveau
Top quality for an unbeatable price. Our even popular massage table Zen Basic Niveau is not only one of the lightest wooden massage tables on the market. Beyond that, the Zen Basic Niveau offers all features quality conscious therapists...
169.00€ *
Massage Table Zen BASIC III Flat
The Zen Basic III Flat is our top seller among the portable massage tables with a unbeatable cost benefit ratio. The features and benefits of these table are the lenght of 195 cm and a unique and ergonomically desingned face plug. The...
189.00€ *
Massage Table Zen Oval
Our massage table Zen Oval is not only visually a real eye catcher. Thanks to its ergonomic and aesthetic design, it offers many advantages against a classic-shaped massage table. The oval corners take up less space in your work area and...
199.00€ * 209.00€ *
Massage Table Zen PhysioTop
The ZEN PhysioTop is our all-rounder. The adjustable back makes it ideal for most forms of bodywork. The horizontally adjustable armrests and the face plug provide extra convenience in positioning your clients without a headrest....
199.00€ *
Massage Table Zen Round Corner
The Zen Round Corner offers a mixture of high value and brilliant design . The massage table giving plenty of room with 76 cm width and 185 cm length. Rounded table corners take up less space in your work area and provides more comfort...
219.00€ * 239.00€ *
Massage Table Zen FlatTop
The ZEN FlatTop is a truly extraordinary massage table . The Memory foam reacts to body temperature to evenly distribute the body's weight across the cushion. The highly padded edges have also the advantage that the arms of the customer...
219.00€ *
Massage Table Zen Oval FlatTop
Do you care about your clients' well-being? Then you will be impressed by our massage table Zen Oval FlatTop . An outstanding upholstery consisting of 6 cm fine-cell foam and 1.5 cm memory foam and the 76 cm wide lying surface leave...
269.00€ *
Massage Table Zen Stronglight
At just 11 pounds, the Zen Stronglight II massage table is the lightest folding massage table in our range . The "Stronglight II" is especially suitable for therapists & amp; Bodyworkers who want a very light massage bed, but do not want...
299.00€ *
Massage Table Zen BigOne
Our motto for this massage table: mass with class. Extra wide, extra long, extra thick, this table is particularly suitable for respiratory therapy, Reiki, and for bowls therapy. Of course, it can be fully used in massage clinics, gyms,...
399.00€ *
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