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Bolster Pillows

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Bolsters - Knee rolls, positioning aids and wedge pillows

Positioning cushions and bolsters are indispensable in many treatments. On the one hand, they serve to help patients take positions that they can no longer perform by themselves. On the other hand, knee rolls and wedge cushions provide a comfortable posture for many treatment methods. In particular, in lymphatic drainage storage wedges are essential.

Why do you need bolsters or positioning aids?

Depending on usage, such as physiotherapy or massage applications, positioning pads serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Comfortable storage for massages in supine position
  • Prevention of Hyperlordosis Lumbar Spine Position (LWS)
  • Prevention of hyperextension of the cervical spine (cervical spine)
  • Pressure relief of arms, legs or head
  • pain relief
  • Support of therapeutic treatments

Where are knee rolls and wedge pillows used?

In addition to massage treatments and classical physiotherapy, storage aids are often used in cosmetic treatments, tattoo artists, in the nursing area as well as in medical practices.

Varied shapes and strengths in knee rolls, neck pillows and positioning aids

The Massageliegenhaus offers bolsters in various forms and degrees of hardness for various applications. You will receive full rolls, half rolls and three-quarter rolls in different degrees of hardness and various colors.


Pay attention to the material when buying. Our storage aids are always made of odor-neutral and easy-to-clean PU synthetic leather.