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Portable massage chairs

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Massage chairs - lightweight and portable

A massage chair can be a good alternative to a portable massage table when it comes to saving weight during transport. Therefore, massage chairs are especially appreciated by therapists and masseurs on the home visit. Even with prone-on-the-counter treatments (eg, pregnancy), massage chairs play out their advantages, since the abdomen is not burdened by the body's own weight.

Massage chairs - space saving and variable

Massage chairs are appreciated not only by therapists and masseurs. Even with tattooists and cosmetic treatments massage chairs are in demand because of their diverse adjustment options. In addition, massage chairs are real space savers and can be stowed away to save space.

Advantages of portable massage chairs

  • Unbeatable in prone position treatments
  • Ultralight - perfect for portable use
  • Space saver - space-saving stows
  • Suitable for tattoo artists and cosmetic treatments