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Øleuspá massage oil Sesam Øleuspá massage oil Sesam
Content 250 Milliliter (3.18€ * / 100 Milliliter)
From 7.95€ * 9.95€ *
Our Øleuspá massage oil Sesam in organic quality is a traditional, versatile massage oil. It is ideal for applications in Ayurveda. The special character and the very valuable ingredients for the body penetrate deeply into the skin and...
Øleuspá massage oil Pure Øleuspá massage oil Pure
Content 250 Milliliter (3.96€ * / 100 Milliliter)
From 9.90€ *
Our Øleuspá massage oil pure in organic quality is a neutral, pure vegetable oil without any mineral oils. This light massage oil has skin care properties and is therefore well tolerated for normal and mixed skin. Application: Full body...
Massageöl Avocado, Avocadoöl Øleuspá massage oil Avocado
From 11.90€ *
Our Øleuspá massage oil Avocado in organic quality is a massage oil very well tolerated for all skin types. This high-quality care oil is rich in vitamins, provides the skin with deep moisture and leaves a velvety soft skin feeling....
Øleuspá massage oil Citrus Øleuspá massage oil Citrus
Content 250 Milliliter (5.96€ * / 100 Milliliter)
From 14.90€ * 16.90€ *
Our Øleuspá massage oil Citrus in organic quality is a refreshing aromatic oil. This fine lemon oil invigorates the senses, nourishes the skin and the soothing scent permeates the body with summer lightness. A vitalizing massage oil for...
Øleuspá massage oil Almond Øleuspá massage oil Almond
Content 250 Milliliter (6.76€ * / 100 Milliliter)
From 16.90€ * 18.90€ *
Our Øleuspá massage oil Almond in organic quality is one of the popular classics among the massage oils. This mild massage oil has a positive effect on the skin structure and ensures a velvety soft skin feeling. With its caring...
Øleuspá massage oil Jojoba Øleuspá massage oil Jojoba
Content 250 Milliliter (6.78€ * / 100 Milliliter)
From 16.95€ *
In contrast to other skin oils, our Øleuspá massage oil jojoba is not a so-called greasy oil, but rather a liquid wax - made from the nuts of the jojoba cradle. Rich in vitamins it is particularly nourishing and gentle to the skin. The...