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  • BROBOSET-001
BLACKROLL ®  Booster Set Ideal for therapeutic & sporty fascia training... more

Product information "BLACKROLL® BOOSTER SET For Fascia Training"

BLACKROLL® Booster Set

  • Ideal for therapeutic & sporty fascia training
  • Versatile application and variable use of the vibration core Available
  • With STANDARD fascia roll or MEDIUM (20% softer than standard) fascia roll
  • Made in Germany.


  • 1 x BLACKROLL® BOOSTER core with practical screw-in mechanism
  • 1 x micro USB charger
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® BOOSTER booklet incl. User manual
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® fascia roll of your choice (STANDARD or MEDIUM)
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® exercise card

Faszientraining on a new level - the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER SET inspires private consumers, athletes, therapists and doctors alike. In addition to the fascia roll, the set includes the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER, which revolutionizes the fascia massage. With its high-frequency vibrations, muscle tension and Faszienverklebungen be effectively solved, so that a regeneration of the muscles is much faster. Combined with the STANDARD fascia roll or MED massage roller, the BOOSTER becomes the ultimate training tool.

SET with BLACKROLL® BOOSTER vibrating core

The set includes two training devices from BLACKROLL® that are suitable for fascia training as well as for fascia massage: First select your preferred fascia roll (STANDARD or MED) and get the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER. The vibration core is not without its reason among the most popular training tools of BLACKROLL®, because you can use it as a training device alone, or in combination with the fascia role as a massager as well as for an even more versatile vibration massage, if you combine it with our BLACKROLL® BOOSTER HEAD. Especially for training, the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is an ideal supplement to intensify the fascia massage. 15 to 56 Hz produce varying degrees of vibration, which you can vary by pressing a button. In this way, the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is the perfect training companion that is used at home, in the gym or in the rehabilitation area.

By the way: The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER can be combined with any 30cm fascia roll from BLACKROLL®.

Vibration massage thanks to Vibra Motion Technology

The vibrations of the BLACKROLL® BOOSTERS give you a much more intensive massage effect. Due to the variable intensity, the vibrations can stimulate deeper tissue layers to equally relax the muscle and fascia tissue and create a multi-dimensional vibration massage. The treatment of extremely painful trigger points can be quite uncomfortable with a fascial role alone when you start exercising. In combination with the BOOSTER, you will feel the vibration massage as much more pleasant, because the pain receptors are irritated by the vibrations.

BLACKROLL® BOOSTER SET with STANDARD fascia roll or MED massage roller

Basically, the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER vibration core is suitable for all 30 cm long fascia rolls. This set also includes a fascia roll, allowing you to choose either the BLACKROLL® STANDARD or the BLACKROLL® MED. The advantage of a BLACKROLL® STANDARD fascia roller is the strength to specifically release muscle tension and fascial adhesions. In combination with the vibration core, the BLACKROLL® STANDARD is the ideal massage tool for particularly persistent trigger points. Another advantage is that you can use the BLACKROLL® STANDARD massage roller as a training device to strengthen muscles and stimulate blood circulation. The functional training with the BLACKROLL® STANDARD fascia roller shortens the recovery time of tense muscles many times over. On the other hand, the BLACKROLL® MED fascia roller is significantly softer than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD fascia roller, which makes it suitable for slimmer and sensitive people who want a slightly less powerful fascia massage. Beginners can also use the BLACKROLL® MED fascia roll if they are new to the BLACKROLL® STANDARD fascia roll.

Fascia training with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER SET

Vibration and pressure play an elementary role not only in self-massage, but also in functional training with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER. If you know the BLACKROLL® STANDARD fascia roll, you will be thrilled with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER. The constant vibrations perfectly harmonize massage and training. By combining the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER with the BLACKROLL® STANDARD fascia roll or MED fascia roll you can improve the flexibility and efficiency of your muscles. Use the two tools to train the entire torso, your legs and arms by varying the intensity of the vibrations. Our training tools allow you a versatile self-massage, as the exercises can be performed on the floor, on the wall or at a table. Typical stress levels and muscular imbalances caused by wrong or one-sided postures can be compensated by the combination of BOOSTER and Faszienrolle.


Das BLACKROLL® BOOSTER SET gehört sowohl zu den beliebtesten, als auch zu den effektivsten Trainings- und Massagetools von BLACKROLL®. Das Set besteht nicht nur aus einer BLACKROLL® STANDARD Faszienrolle oder MED Faszienrolle, sondern auch aus einem BLACKROLL® BOOSTER Vibrationskern, den du mit jeder 30 Zentimeter langen Faszienrolle kombinieren kannst, um die Selbstmassage zu intensivieren. Während die BLACKROLL® STANDARD Faszienrolle etwas härter und für hartnäckige Verspannungen geeignet ist, greifen empfindlichere Menschen auf die BLACKROLL® MED Faszienrolle zurück, die 20 Prozent weicher ist.

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18 May 2020

Super Faszientrainer

Haben das Standard Booster Set und ist wie alle anderen Artikel von Blackroll sehr zu empfehlen!

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