No More Migraines - No More Medication


Around one million Germans get migraines and suffer from the pain regularly. We often rely on strong medication but there are many natural methods that can alleviate the headache.



You Don’t Need Much


Relaxation is not rocket science. Sometimes it’s already enough to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air, have a warm bath or listen to some music. The more your soul can relax, the healthier your head gets.

Additionally, you can make use of specific relaxation techniques. Meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training have proven themselves to be effective against stress and migraines.


The Head Massage


We often do it automatically: When the head hurts, we rub our temples. Those with better knowledge can use specific movements to fight an acute migraine. 

Put your index and middle finger against your temples and start massaging in circular motions. You should apply slight pressure and massage for at least five minutes. Afterward, grab your whole head by putting your thumb on the back and index and middle finger on the temple. Now massage those areas. Thanks to the massage, the muscles can relax which alleviates pain and stress.



Help Yourself With Yoga


This Indian philosophy is thousands of years old and includes breathing techniques, meditation, concentration exercises, and physical exercises. During Yoga, the spirit, soul and body are being combined to achieve a holistic healing process.

The characteristic deep relaxation of 10 to 20 minutes combined with exercises such as the cat or lotus can help to prevent migraines and ease them.



Free of Pain Thanks to Acupressure


Those who have little time and motivation might decide on an acupressure mat. Let the plastic spikes stimulate your body for 10 to 30 minutes. There are special pillows for the head that will affect the right points and alleviate the pain. The self-treatment with the acupressure mat has no side effects and doesn’t require professional knowledge.


Successful With Shiatsu


If you want to make use of professional help, maybe a Shiatsu treatment is exactly what you need.

Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment during which blockages are being resolved with the help of pressure. This affects the energy pathways positively and activates the self-recovery of the organism. During a Shiatsu treatment, the energy flow in the body is spread out evenly. Acupressure may be used here as well to counteract the migraine.



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