Our 5 Favorite Tips Against Stress

From time to time, everyone has to deal with stress which limits everyday life and burdens the soul. Sadly, many don’t know how to deal with sensory overload. But there are so many simple things which can reduce stress and improve life quality.




1. Practice Mindfulness

The topic of mindfulness has been gaining more and more importance over the last couple of years. Have you already given it a try? No? But this method is so easy!

With the help of mindfulness exercises, you become more aware of your present state. Take a few minutes for this, it won’t take long. Find a quiet space and sit down straight yet comfortably. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a chair, the couch, or sit on the floor. You can either close your eyes or keep them open but make sure that they are resting.

Now concentrate on your breathing. You can count the breathing in and out or simply be aware of the movement. One by one, relax your body parts. If thoughts are distracting you, recognize them without adding judgment and simply return to your breathing.

To support your mini-meditation you can lighten candles, burn incense sticks or listen to quiet music. Of course, you don’t need any of that to be successful. Find a process that relaxes you and turn those mindfulness breaks into a routine. This way you can create a space in which you can completely concentrate on yourself and distance yourself from what is going on in your life.


2. Soothing Warmth

Those who are stressed and simply wish to take a break should try using warmth. Already the simple act of holding your hands under warm water can relax your nerves. Or go a step further and enjoy a nice bubble bath. You will feel how part of the burden will fall off your shoulders immediately. Just like with the mindfulness exercises, you can increase the spa experience with the help of smells and sounds. This way you’ll stimulate all of your senses and get the break that you deserve.

If you want to do something good for yourself, you can also use massage tools like the Venom by Hyperice. Through a combination of heat and vibration, this massage belt relaxes the muscles in your lower back. Simply turn it on, put it on and you’re ready to go! This way you’ll get rid of tensions easily and effectively.


3. Relaxing Massages

Those who seek a spa experience often make use of massages. During the treatment, the muscles are being loosened and the blood circulation, as well as metabolism, get a nice boost. Together with the right ambiance, the stress level drops immediately and you will feel revitalized and ready to tackle the day.

No matter whether you choose to get treated by a professional or make use of massage tools - the gentle touches will be relaxing in any way and strengthen your well-being.



4. Stimulation Through Scent

If you’ve never tried out essential oils before, you will be surprised at what effect aromatherapy can have. Especially lavender can help with stress. A few drops of the concentrated plant essence are already enough. You can either fragrance the room or use them to massage your feet. Essential oils like those by Øleuspá not only smell great but also nourish the skin. This way you’ll receive a double portion of spa without having to put in much effort.


5. Optimize Your Sleep

Sleep is essential and a whole topic on its own but for a relaxing sleep which you will awaken from completely refreshed, you won’t need more than a couple of tricks.

Make sure that an hour before going to bed, you turn off your phone and avoid other electronic devices. This way your body will have time to slowly calm down which will make falling asleep much easier. After getting up the next day, smartphone and co. shouldn’t be the first thing you grab either. Give your body the time it needs to wake up properly and simply enjoy the quiet of the morning.

In the evening it can also help to use a red filter for your devices which reduces the blue light of the screen. There are a variety of apps for smartphones and computers which will do exactly that. The warm light has a relaxing effect on your senses and also spares your eyes.

Of course, scents can also help. If you’re not a fan of oils, place a small lavender bag onto your pillow during the day. This will spread a soft aroma which benefits your sleep.


Our Conclusion

As you can see, there are many small things you can do to reduce the stress in your everyday life immediately. We hope our article has inspired you and wish you the best of luck when trying out some of the things yourself!


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