Sauna and Sport - The Right Mix Matters

Autumn is in full swing and we are longing for warmth and relaxation which distracts us from the dank grey in front of our windows. What would be better than a trip to the next sauna? Controlled sweating in a calm environment can offer many advantages and even support your training. We show you what to look out for when combining the two.


Sauna - Before or After the Training?

We have a clear answer: Going to the sauna should always happen after the training because otherwise your body’s performance will be limited.

When going to the sauna your pulse rises by more than half of its normal value and the activity of your heart will increase as well. This already simulates an exercise load. Furthermore, loss of fluids limit the functionality of your muscles and both body and mind are set to relaxation after the sauna.

On the other side, a sauna session after training is very much advisable. This way you actively support relaxation and overall regeneration. Higher temperatures stimulate blood flow and kill off bacteria which strengthens the immune system. After the training you should take a 30 minute break to normalize your pulse and decrease your cardiovascular load. We recommend using the break to take a shower in order to remove the greasy film from the skin.

The Perfect Sauna Session

Before you step into the sauna, make sure to use the toilet. The sauna encourages kidney activity which can interrupt your relaxation uncomfortably. Also good to know: The warmest place in a sauna are the top rows. Beginners should choose a place in the lower half. Once it is getting too hot for you, don’t force yourself to stay.

One session should last 10-15 minutes. Depending on your body’s tolerance and how often you go, you can perform up to three sessions to achieve the best results. A short break between sessions to grab some fresh air will help as well.

Before, during and after the sauna make sure to drink plenty, depending on the duration, 1-2 litres. Choose a drink with little calories and lots of minerals like water, light spritzers or non-alcoholic beer. Too little liquid can lead to headaches and problems concentrating.

What You Need To Do Afterwards

After your sauna sessions you need to cool down with fresh air and cold water to achieve the health-promoting effect.

First take a short break outside and walk up and down to keep your muscles moving. Afterwards, prepare for the cold water application. This will make your blood prssure shoot up which is a good exercise for the body. First, take a shower and then get into the pool. 10 seconds are enough!

If you are someone who suffers from blood pressure, stay away from the pool and instead enjoy a cold shower.

After all that we recommend a nice foot bath and a break in the relaxation area. This way your body can relax and quicker than expected the sauna will show its positive effects.



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