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Hydraulic Treatment Table DUBLIN | 2-sections
The hydraulic height adjustment of the treatment table DUBLIN with a height range of 57 cm - 87 cm allows easy access for elderly and incapacitated patients while also achieving an ergonomic working platform for the practitioner. An...
1,290.00€ *
WATSU electric massage couch
Frei von anderen chemischen Treibmittel
1,390.00€ * 1,490.00€ *
Therapy couch PARIS electric 4-segments
Therapy couch PARIS electric 4-segments The lying surface of our therapy couch Paris consists as standard of a firm, well supporting medical upholstery, which is optimally suitable for both physiotherapeutic and osteopathic applications....
1,490.00€ * 1,690.00€ *
Electric massage couch BERLIN 3-segments
Electric massage couch BERLIN 3-segments - Therapy couch / Treatment bench The clear design language and the stable structure make the BERLIN 3-part treatment couch the perfect therapy couch. High stability, easy-to-operate elements and...
1,490.00€ * 1,649.00€ *
POINT electric massage couch
Therapy couch BARCELONA electric 5-segments The modern electrically height-adjustable Barcelona examination couch is a multifunctional, electric treatment couch for physiotherapy, osteopathy and manual therapy. In addition to the...
1,590.00€ * 1,790.00€ *
Therapy couch SPLIT electric 5-segments
Therapy couch SPLIT electric 5-segments Thanks to the integrated functions of the Split therapy bed, this version is ideally suited for physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and manual therapy. The headrest (incl. nose slit and filling...
1,790.00€ * 1,990.00€ *
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