Ayurveda - Godly Medicine

Ayurveda - Godly Medicine

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian art of healing which concentrates on the holistic harmony of body and soul and is being taught academically in Asia. The central elements are massage and cleansing techniques, dietetics, spiritual yoga practice and herbal medicine. Ayurveda is supposed to not only heal diseases but also improve health and help maintain vitality.


From the Beginning to the Top


The origin of Ayurveda goes back to the Vedas, one of the oldest philosophically spiritual scriptures of the world. According to the Vedas, Brahma, who is known in Indian philosophy as the creator of the universe, developed Ayurveda and sent this art through gods and saints to earth.


With the rise of Buddhism at around 600 B.C. many ayurvedic universities and hospitals were built under the reign of Emperor Ashoka and the Indian medicine witnessed its golden age. But this ended when the Mohammedens started conquering large parts of India 1000 A.D. As a result, ayurvedic medicine kept losing its meaning. 


Only once India had gained independence in 1947, Ayurveda was seen as an official medical system again and was supported by the government. Today there are more than a hundred state-owned and private institutions and to attain a doctor title you can even study Ayurveda at Asian universities.


The Ayurvedic Massage

In ayurvedic medicine oil treatments play a big role The heated oil is being spread out on the skin and gets massaged in. This is supposed to direct toxins out of the body to balance out bio energies, the so-called Doshas. 

In western culture an ayurvedic massage is being offered as a spa treatment. Through the deeply working touches the muscles are being relaxed and the lymph flow gets stimulated which leads to a detox effect. The plant oils provide the skin with important nutrients and leave it feeling silky-smooth. Further goals of an Ayurveda massage are improved sleep quality, relieving stress, regulating digestion and stimulating skin, muscles and veins.


The Fitting Massage Table


For an ayurvedic treatment to be fully effective you need to choose the right massage table. The mobile massage table Zen Ayurveda has been specifically created for treatments that demand a lot of oil. The therapy table has a lifted edge on all sites which ensures that the oil won’t run down. After an ayurvedic massage you can easily clean the protective cover made of PU leather and use the table again. Furthermore, the Zen Ayurveda is over two meters long and adjustable in height to guarantee a comfortable working position.

If you would like to give an Ayurveda massage yourself, you will find everything you need in our shop, from the fitting massage table to the right oil.


Relaxing is Easy


These days ayurvedic massages are a must for every spa hotel. They invite the customer to enjoy a break from everyday life and let their thoughts flow. Not without reason is this ancient medicine still popular today because Ayurveda, the “science of life”, promises relaxation at the highest level.


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