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Spa to Go: Tips for Home Visits

You want to offer home massages? You'll find out here what you need to know in order to grow a successful business.
Autsch! Es hat plötzlich geknackt und jetzt verursacht jede Bewegung einen stechenden Schmerz? Erfahren Sie jetzt, wie Sie Rückenschmerzen effektiv lindern und langfristig vorbeugen!
Are you taking part in training programs regularly? Whether its a workshop, a seminar or a certification program - We show you how you can find the right training.
Find out, which techniques are suitable for pregnancy massages and what precautions have to be met.
What are AR and VR? How can masseurs adapt to new technologies? And what trends are popular right now?
Social media is not only suitable for entertainment, but also for promoting your massage practice. Here you will find a guide on creating profiles, using hashtags, and regularly creating relevant posts.
With the right essential oil you can alleviate pain, relax and lift the mood.
Learn how to turn new faces into regulars.
These are the things you'll need for a successful start.

How to Set Up Your Massage Studio Properly

We show you how to turn your studio into a spa oasis.

The Right Way Of Using Knee Rolls

Knee rolls are available in different sizes, shapes and colors but they all have one thing in common - They help the therapist or masseur to position the patient correctly. We'll tell you everything you need to know.
Shiatsu massages are popular worldwide and provide the body with new energy and power. In this blog article you will find out the roots of this Japanese medicine and its benefits.

Ayurveda - Godly Medicine

Ayurveda is an Indian medicine that has been practiced for hundred of years. Today you can enjoy a relaxing Ayurveda massage in almost every spa hotel. But why are they so popular?
What does a masseur need to offer others a few minutes of complete relaxation?
Take a break. A relaxing massage and the right oil go hand in hand. But the choice is huge and can be confusing. What should you consider when you purchase massage oil? What effect does it have and which ingredients should be avoided? This blog answers all of those questions and more.
Buying a table is the first step towards independence, but it is also a great challenge for newcomers. This guide brings you closer to the differences between mobile massage tables and stationary therapy tables so that you can easily make the right decision.
A blog about our products from Hyperice in the online store

The Application and Benefits of Cupping

A Blog about the Application and Benefits of Cupping
Tipps für die Selbständigkeit mit mobilem Massage-Service oder mit Massagepraxis
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