Chiropractic - Is it Dangerous or Genius?

Chiropractors are therapists that treat dysfunctions of the locomotor system. Chiropractic is supposed to relieve pain and restore the usual mobility. The main focus lies on the spine.


What is Chiropractic?


Chiropractic is a manual therapy where the therapists use their hands to feel dysfunctions and treat them. Chiropractic both helps with diagnosis and treatment and is especially popular in pain therapy. The chiropractor treats pains in the area of the spine, the pelvis and joints as well as muscles and tendons. The goal is to normalize the muscular system while relieving pain or even getting rid of it. At the same time, the natural self-healing powers of the body are being supported.


What Does a Chiropractic Treatment Look Like?


At first, the chiropractor captures the patient’s medical history, also called anamnesis. Afterward follows a physical check-up. Based on the findings the chiropractor and patient create a therapy plan together. During treatment, the chiropractor makes use of different techniques like manipulation, traction and mobilization. 


Manipulation is what patients like to call “twisting” or “relocating”. The blocked joint is being moved by the chiropractor in a way so that it shortly moves beyond its physiological mobility just to gain the right position afterward. In the area of the spine, it’s supposed to reduce the pressure on the spinal nerves and the spinal cord. This can even get rid of lumbago. During traction, the joint partners are being pulled apart to reduce the pressure and achieve an alleviation. Furthermore, it can increase the mobility of the joints by stretching ligaments and joint capsules. The technique of mobilization has the same goal. The joint segments are being moved parallel to each other to retrieve the lost joint activity. Mobilization can also help prepare the joints for manipulation.


All these techniques change the situation of the joints and to achieve a long-lasting effect, you have to perform soft-tissue treatments and reflex techniques as well. This way the muscles are being elongated so that the won joint activity is being maintained.


The Perfect Chiropractic Table


The Chiropractic Table by Coinfycare is a professional treatment table that can be adjusted in height electrically. The therapy table has seven segments and is therefore perfect for chiropractic. Via foot you can adjust the thorax, pelvis and loins drops to fit the treatment. The head part is adjustable in height and inclination and has an ergonomic face area. The 8 cm padding allows the patient comfort. Additionally, the table provides armrests, a paper roll holder and two wheels for easy movement.



Does Chiropractic Bare Risks?


Chiropractic has hardly any health risks and most of the time it is pain-free. But certain illnesses like arthrosis or slipped disks can be made worse. For that reason, it is extremely important to inform the chiropractor about your medical history before therapy. If the therapist works unprofessionally it’s also possible that nerves might fail or even that vessels get damaged. Ask your chiropractor to inform you about possible risks before starting the treatment.


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