Dream Job Masseur – What Features Should a Massage Table Have?

Dream Job Masseur – What Features Should a Massage Table Have?

Those who have been to a spa hotel or thermal bath before will have eventually stumbled across advertisements for massages that invite you to lean back and relax. Full body massages, Ayurveda, Thai and Lomi are only a few examples, each with its own benefits. But what lies behind this worldwide phenomenon and what does a masseur need to offer others a few minutes of complete relaxation?

What Does a Masseur Do?

One of the most traditional medical jobs is the masseur. Already two and a half thousand years ago Thai massages have been developed in India but it took until the 20th century for them to become popular and socially accepted in Europe. Today masseurs are recognized and appreciated by both clients and medical experts for their know-how.
Masseurs treat patients with different massage forms and even develop individual therapies to meet the client's needs. The strength in their hands alone can relieve muscle tension, alleviate pain or simply relax through tapping, kneading and spreading out. Depending on the massage type they also make use of




-essential oils

-medical baths



The Benefits of a Massage

Depending on the type, massages have different effects. Thai massages relax the muscles and boost blood circulation. A treatment based on the traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda help to relieve back pain and improve sleep. After a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui, the patient will feel very relaxed and the large amounts of oil will care for the skin with lots of nutrients. Furthermore, massages are great for improving the healing of wounds, relax the deep tissue, lower blood pressure and support mental well-being.
Massage Tables - A Checklist
To achieve these results, the right massage table is essential. Whether stationary or mobile - it has to be comfortable and offer everything the masseur needs for the treatment.


Mobile Tables

Therapists that work outside of a practice need a mobile massage table. This kind of table can be folded together and carried like a suitcase. It is important that you choose a table that is not too heavy for you. But don't save weight in the wrong places. For massages that are longer than 30 minutes, you'll need padding of at least 7 cm to make sure your patient can relax. You should also think about the features you need. A face hole or armrests can be essential depending on your massage style. There are also mobile tables with an adjustable backrest for treatments where the patient sits. Our own brand Massunda offers a wide variety of mobile massage tables and leaves nothing to be desired.

Stationary Tables

Stationary massage tables are especially sturdy and made-to-last. The wooden or metal frames have an elegant design and together with the fitting covers, they draw all attention in your practice. When choosing your new table, look out for a roundabout switch. It allows you to infinitely adjust the height from all sides of the table so you won't have to interrupt the massage. The width and length are just as important. Those who offer singing bowl therapy for example should consider a wider massage table to profit from extra space close to the body.
One example of a great stationary table is our electric massage table BERLIN.


Spa at the Highest Level

The electric massage table BERLIN by Coinfycare satisfies both masseurs and therapists with its high-quality padding and unique shape. The curved sides allow a comfortable treatment where the masseur reaches the body especially well because there is no unused surface in his way. The massage table has a headrest and an armrest, both can be adjusted easily with levers. Depending on the position of the pillow, the table BERLIN can be used in either supine or prone position and thanks to the integrated paper roll holder your treatment won't be interrupted.
Patients that decide to get a relaxing massage hope for a spa experience that unites body and soul. This can only be achieved with the right massage table. Take a look at our online shop or let us advise you personally. Together we will find the massage table you need to give your clients their well-deserved break.



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