Fighting Back Pain - Things To Do Right Now

Everyone knows them and most of us have had them before. Back pains are a widely known burden, more than 60% of western industrial countries’ populations suffer from them. Where the symptoms appear, whether it’s the higher, middle or lower back, is different for everyone and the causes are just as diverse. In this blog article, you’ll find out what you can do the next time your back hurts.


There Are Many Different Causes

We differentiate between specific and nonspecific back pain. With specific back pain, the root doesn’t have to lie near the spine. More often it is a symptom of other organs being sick like disc prolapses, pneumonia, kidney stones and heart attacks.

Most back pains are nonspecific, the doctor will not be able to find the root of the problem. A wrong posture, heavy lifting and tense muscles can lead to a sore back. For some patients, the psyche plays a role as well.



Let’s Do Something About It

Should your back hurt, you can do a lot with and without tools to alleviate the pain. A few simple stretching exercises can already make a big difference. On the Internet you will find lots of different tutorials, most often you won’t need anything except for a chair or a yoga mat.

If your back pain is a symptom of an unhealthy posture, we recommend using a wedge pillow. It minimizes the tilting of the pelvis and changes the position of your back. Use the pillow for a regulated timeframe to optimize your posture.

Another tried and tested tool is the acupressure mat. You won’t need the instructions of a therapist, simply lie down on the mat with your unclothed torso for 10 to 30 minutes and feel how the plastic spikes stimulate your body. At first, it might hurt but that will soon fade and the mat will unfold its effect. It is scientifically proven that acupressure mats not only alleviate pain but also improve sleep and even help with migraines. And the best thing about it? It is completely free of negative side effects, this self-treatment is simple and safe.

Those who want to take it one step further can use a vibration massage roll like the Vyper 2.0.This new interpretation of the classic fascia roll uses a combination of pressure and vibration to stimulate the muscles. Vibration massage rolls can be used not only on your back but the whole body. They loosen tense muscles effectively and alleviate pain.


Professionals Will Know What To Do

Those who want to avoid the stress of training can use their back pains as a reason behind their next massage session. Especially classic massages can help. The masseur loosens the tissue through rolling, kneading and stroking. Furthermore, pressure and tugging have a relaxing effect on the nervous system and one massage alone can already help greatly with pain. But it is recommended to visit massages regularly in order to strengthen the back and whole body and prevent further pain.

Please keep in mind: With chronic back pain, massages can only alleviate the symptom but not fight the cause. They are an addition to regular therapy and support its success.



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