Hot Stones - Exactly What You Need on Cold Days

Heated stones have already been mentioned in the mythology of many cultures and have been used to soothe different wounds and heal illnesses since Ancient China. They supposedly also helped with cleansing the body. This ancient medicine has been adjusted over time and today it helps to strengthen the balance between body and soul, relaxes the muscles and clears blockages.




The Effects of a Hot Stone Massage

The often around 60 degrees Celsius hot basalt stones are being placed on the affected body regions, for example, tense muscles. The vessels expand through the warmth which improves blood flow. Thanks to the optimized circulation of the blood, the cells receive more oxygen and the lymph activity is being stimulated which makes it easier for the body to metabolize toxins.

Hot stones can be used in different ways. During either full body or partial massages, they positively influence certain areas of the body. The hot stones are a great addition for classic massages or physiotherapy and the temperature can be adjusted as well.


The Interplay of Dynamic and Static

First, the therapist rubs massage oil on the body. Then they choose the right stones. The size depends on the energy centers so that the warmth can be absorbed well and spread through the whole body. Depending on the symptoms, the hot stones are being put onto the back or stomach, the inside of hands or between toes. Through slight pressure, the therapist intensifies the effect.

Depending on the massage form, the hot stones can also be moved. They are slowly being led over the skin to clear blockages. Another version of the hot stone massage is the vibration massage. The masseur taps another stone against the hot stone to create vibration.

Please make sure to avoid direct contact with the skin. The temperature is high and to make sure the patient doesn’t get burned, we recommend using a sheet in between.


And Then it Gets Cold

At the end of a hot stone massage follow cold stones. These are often seen as an uncomfortable interruption but help the vessels contract to improve elasticity. This is especially important when one is treating headaches because contracted vessels prevent an increased blood supply.

Would you like to try out a hot stone massage yourself? In our shop, you will not only find the right setbut also a heater and an instructional DVD (available in German) which both beginners and experts can profit from.




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