Independent with your own massage practice: you have to pay attention to that!

Independent with your own massage practice: you have to pay attention to that!

Independence is the dream of many trained masseurs. With the opening of your own massage practice, you can finally bring in all your knowledge and skills and realize your own ideas better than would ever be possible in an employee relationship. Nevertheless, the decision must be carefully considered. Keep in mind that you only make money when clients use your service. For some, the security of the employment relationship may be better. You should also be clear about whether you prefer a mobile or a stationary massage practice. In both cases, the financial requirements must be right first. Once the finances have been clarified, you can plan the equipment. The MASSAGE TABLE is your professional contact for first-class massage tables, chairs and accessories. We are happy to advise you in detail.

Challenge and satisfaction: self-employed as a massage therapist
Whether mobile or stationary, so that you can enjoy your independence for a long time, you must not neglect your personal needs.

1. Take your own health seriously
Even if you practice this profession for the benefit of others, you must not forget your own well-being. You can only successfully offer massages if you are healthy yourself. Activate mindfulness and self-care. Only then is it possible to pass on care to others.

2. Don't bend
In the first zeal of new professional perspectives, don't forget to stay yourself. Clients who come to you choose primarily based on their personality and charisma, only second are your professional skills and the equipment of the massage practice.

3. Plan correctly
Successful independence is only possible with consistent preparation. Prepare for each treatment as well as possible so that you can fully engage with the client during the massage. If they are mentally distracted, the massage cannot succeed.

Set up the practice professionally
A beautifully designed practice makes a significant contribution to the fact that clients and yourself feel good. Invest in good equipment with a long lifespan. It is a truism: Those who buy cheap usually buy twice. The same applies to the mobile massage service. Use stable, mobile folding loungers with good padding and use only high-quality accessories. You will find everything for your practice needs in the range of MASSAGE TABLES. Take a look around in our online offer.

Foldable or stationary massage table?
The center of the massage practice is the couch. It is usually the biggest investment. Before you decide to buy, you should be asked whether you only want to perform massages or whether you need the couch for other applications. If you need the couch all day and also carry out numerous rehabilitation measures, the stationary massage couch is the best choice. It stands stable on the floor and, depending on the model, can be adjusted in height as well as at the head and foot end. With a mobile, foldable massage table, you are very flexible and can visit your clients comfortably at home. It is therefore particularly suitable for the mobile massage service. The foldable massage tables from MASSAGELIEGENHAUS are made of high quality maple and impress with their luxurious upholstery in many attractive colors. They are ideal for professional needs, are made from environmentally friendly materials and are very durable. Another alternative for mobile practice are massage chairs that are smaller and more flexible than loungers. An important parameter when buying a massage table is its height adjustability. The carrying capacity also plays an important role, especially in times when the population is getting stronger. A massage table should at least withstand a load of 200 kg.

Advantages of mobile therapy tables
A great number of masseuses operate stationary massage practices where clients come to them. On the other hand, the mobile massage practice brings the therapy directly to the client, who wants to treat himself to a wellness break with little effort. The mobile massage practice also offers advantages for masseurs because it saves them the often expensive rent for practice rooms. As a service provider, you are significantly more flexible and also have the option of massaging at the workplace or at company events. In doing so, you offer the company employees a welcome break from the stressful daily work routine and a convenient on-site service. Knowing how important health is at work, more and more companies are now offering their employees massages. The mobile massage is ideal, especially for acute tension. No matter where the massage is ultimately carried out, it is professional, it always brings relaxation and well-being. With this high-quality couch you can start as a mobile masseur.

Advantages of stationary massage tables
Inpatient therapy couches are durable, very functional and visually and technically a pleasure. Even if patient health comes first, they offer clients first-class wellness experiences. Therapy beds are very comfortably equipped so that they feel really comfortable. Lying down and the skills of the masseur ideally form a unit. Our stationary massage tables support your daily work and contribute significantly to the success of the treatment. They are technically mature and also convince in design. Choose between loungers with different functions, different adjustable segments and covers in attractive colors. Most can be adjusted in height using the foot pedal and positioned anywhere in the room thanks to wheels.

The right massage accessories for your practice
Whether mobile or stationary, no massage can take place without suitable accessories. In the MASSAGE TABLE, you will find a fantastic selection of therapy tables and chairs as well as practical accessories from well-known manufacturers. This means that you can adapt your equipment exactly to your personal and the needs of your clients. Knee rolls, massage pillows, massage oil and much more are necessary to carry out a professional massage. Our range also offers you hygiene articles for stationary and mobile massage practices. Whether means for rapid disinfection, disposable items such as nasal wipes or paper rolls, all of these items make your daily work easier and support you in complying with hygiene regulations.
High-quality massage oils and lotions make applications easier, do the skin good and also offer pleasant fragrance experiences. Your clients will enjoy the invigorating and deeply effective citrus and orange scents as well as the calming effects of honey or sesame oil. All are beneficial for the skin, nourish and stimulate cell regeneration. All of our massage oils are free of preservatives and dyes and ensure natural, healthy wellness experiences with a lasting effect. Let yourself be inspired by the MASSAGE CHAIR range. There is sure to be something right for your practice.

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