New Energy Thanks to Vibration Massage


The classical massage helps relax, loosen the muscles and improve the blood flow of the entire tissue. A vibration massage also uses, as the name suggests, vibration to intensify the effects. Thanks to different tools you can perform such a treatment on your own body and don’t need the help of somebody else.




What is a Vibration Massage?


During a vibration massage, high-frequency vibrations are transferred to the body which reaches even the deeper lying muscle layers. Muscle fibers and tendons are being massaged, stimulated and stretched which supports the development of muscles. Vibration massage is especially good to revitalize the blood flow, circulation and metabolism to ensure a better oxygen supply and burn more fat. The connective tissue is being tightened at the massaged body parts. Especially people with back pains, osteoporosis, tense muscles and cardiovascular diseases can profit from a vibration massage.


Vibration massages are used for highly used muscles and are loved by athletes after training or competition. But they can also have a relaxing effect. This gentle massage loosens the muscles and helps the patient power down to harvest new energy.


With the help of a vibration massage you can:

  • loosen tensions
  • shorten regeneration periods
  • improve mobility
  • stimulate blood circulation
  • prevent injuries



The World of Massage Tools


A vibration massage can be performed completely manually. With fingertips and hands, the masseur uses techniques such as shaking and trembling. But for a more intense effect, you can also use a massage tool that also allows you to treat yourself.


Tools like the Hypervolt by Hyperice use a high number of beats to affect even the myofascial tissue. With the handy design, you can decide which body parts you want to work on. This way you precisely alleviate pain, prevent muscle injuries and improve your mobility. A massage belt like the Hyperice Venom with integrated vibration and heat can also help you a lot. Lean back and enjoy a soothing highly effective massage that loosens tensions and revitalizes blood flow. But should you want to be more active yourself, we recommend using a massage roll or massage ball. Through the combination with vibration, the ordinary tool is being turned into a real all-rounder that will help you stimulate your muscles.


A massage that is being enhanced by vibration provides great relaxation and revitalizes the body. Check out our shop for more information on the different tools.



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