Not every oil is the same - Relaxing with a good conscience

The history of massages
The massage is one of the oldest therapies in the world. It was already being practiced in 2700 B.C. as one of the four types of treatment of Chinese medicine. Throughout the centuries it spread globally and numerous forms and techniques have been developed. Whether Ayurveda, Shiatsu or Reiki - the massage is a worldwide phenomenon that enjoys great popularity today, more than ever before. A massage is the best way to relax both the soul and the body. During a massage you distance yourself, let your mind wander or ideally let it rest completely. Everything that has been straining you throughout the day will be disregarded for a while. Afterward, you will continue your day empowered and refreshed.


Miracle product massage oil
Since ancient times people are using a handy tool for massages: massage oil! The gliding effect makes it easier for the masseur to perform their craft and also spreads a pleasant scent, revives your senses and intensifies the relaxation. The right oil allows the patient to leave their everyday life and enjoy a well-deserved break. For sports massages and therapeutic treatments you can use massage creams instead, which are less gliding.
The variety of the oils is at least as big as the number of different massage techniques. Keeping an overview is not that easy, but you can be sure that there is a perfect oil for you as well.


What should you pay attention to?
The main forms of massage oils are conventional oils and such on an organic basis. Conventional oils contain fewer allergens and have a longer shelf life due to the mineral oils like paraffin. Proof that mineral oils are harmful to our body is limited but one should be aware of the risk. Massage oils that contain mineral oils only enter the top layer of the skin and build a film that makes the skin feel softer. But because of this protective layer, conventional oils are not suited for transporting vitamins and other nutrients. The nourishing effect is short-dated and often can't relieve strains completely.
Massage oils that are on an organic base work differently. They are light and 100% plant-based, enter the skin deeply and supply it with nutrients and healing substances. Regular treatments with such oils regenerate dry skin and because of their soft nature, they are suited for sensitive skin as well. After the massage, your body will feel silky smooth and refreshed. Our store brand Øleuspá relies on a 100% plant-based organic quality but still provides all the nutrients your skin needs. But a massage goes far beyond body care. At the same time, it also supports your mental health and has a positive influence on your well-being.


The diversity of massage oils
On our website, you will find our range of base oils. Every plant has a different effect and can be used on different skin types. Sesame and almond for example are great for dry, dull and sensitive skin because the oil enters the skin deeply with its rich nutrients and provides lots of hydration. Avocado isn't just healthy food. The oil also supports the cell regeneration of the skin. Lavender is just as popular. This Mediterranean plant is famous for its harmonizing, relaxing effect and charming scent.

Mix and get creative - Your own composition
Our massage oils on an organic base by Øleuspá have a very subtle scent for a good reason. This way you can combine them whichever way you like. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the base oil and you have a completely unique combination right at hand that leaves nothing to be desired. You get the caring effect of the plant and the scent of your choice. This way everyone can create the oil of their dreams to turn your massage into a special experience.
To pass up massage oils during the treatment is almost impossible. They not only offer maximum relaxation through pleasant scents but are also an indispensable lubricant for the masseur's hands. Have you already made your decision? If not, don't worry. In our online shop, you will find further inspiration and detailed product information.



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