Shiatsu - Traditional Medicine Meets Modern Knowledge

Shiatsu is a form of body therapy that has been created in Japan but is based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is being performed manually, the therapist only uses thumbs, fingers, palms as well as elbows and knees. The goal of Shiatsu is to restore the energy flow in the energy pathways of the body, the so-called meridians.



From China to Japan


The root of Shiatsu lies in traditional Chinese medicine and is based on the meridian system. In the 6th Century, Chinese doctors brought their knowledge to Japan where it was refined with the help of Japanese methods. This adjusted healing theory gained its name Shiatsu in the 20th Century which can be translated to “finger pressure”. Shiatsu received the status of an independent therapy form and with that a place in the new healthcare system. Shizuto Masunaga taught this manual therapy from 1959 to 1969 and because of his modern approaches he won over Western students which caused Shiatsu to spread internationally. Today, different interpretations are being taught and through new findings and discoveries, Shiatsu is always being developed further.


What Does a Shiatsu Massage Look Like?


Before the start of a massage, the therapist obtains a first impression of the patient’s state. This includes pains, symptoms and their duration. The massage itself is being performed on a soft mat or a futon. But you can also use a massage table that has a shiatsu feature and lets you fold back the legs. One example of such a table is the Avalon XD by Earthlite.


The therapist palpates all body areas that contain energy blockages. After that follows a message which is guided by the course of the meridians. The soft motion sequences stimulate the energy flow and stretch the muscles. The body parts that are being massaged include thighs, calves, feet, shoulders and neck. Afterward, the patient gets a short rest to feel the after-effects of the massage.


A Shiatsu treatment takes about one hour and is performed regularly. Whether weekly or once a month depends on the patient but the body needs time to process the impulses.



What Effects Does a Shiatsu Massage Have?


Shiatsu can be used in different situations, the spectrum is very broad. Shiatsu can help patients with physical or spiritual burdens, provide the body with new energy, or speed up recovery processes. Furthermore, Shiatsu is relaxing and harmonizing. A massage can also stimulate the oxygen supply of the skin and improve the blood flow so that toxins get removed more quickly.


A Shiatsu treatment is not only relaxing but also improves your health. It can address many different symptoms so you feel revitalized and ready for the day.


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