Tendonitis - What You Can Do Now

An aching hand, a swollen foot - 2.5% of all people suffer from tendonitis at least once in their lives. Not infrequently, the problem can be traced back to work. But how exactly does such an inflammation develop, what can be done to alleviate it and how can it be prevented?


What is Tendonitis?

Anyone who overloads their tendons runs the risk of developing tendonitis. Causes of the inflammatory reaction include repetitive motions at work, in sports or at home. Musicians in particular often suffer from the burning pain. Rarely, tendonitis can be traced to a rheumatic disease or bacterial infection.


  • pulling pain when moving the affected body part
  • later also pain in resting position as well as at night
  • redness
  • swelling
  • pressure sensitivity
  • restriction of movement and function

How Does Tendonitis Develop?

Tendons connect bones and muscles. They are embedded in tendon sheaths in particularly mobile areas such as the fingers, wrists and ankles and are held together by synovial fluid, a type of lubricant. This ensures that the tendons glide smoothly without friction against the tendon sheaths.

If the tendon and tendon sheath are subjected to sustained high stress, they become inflamed. They swell. The synovial fluid can no longer prevent friction, resulting in constant contact between the tendon and tendon sheath. Pain develops.


The Tendons are Inflamed - What Now?

First, a diagnosis is made by a doctor. If tendonitis is diagnosed, you will be given either a splint or bandage for the joint. This allows the tissue around the tendon to recover and immobilizes the joint. You will also be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication.

Additional measures are:

  • injections with cortisone
  • cold therapy
  • electrotherapy

Cold Therapy for Tendonitis

Now it is time to cool! A proven home remedy for inflammation is healing clay such as the healing moor from Schweriner Naturheil. Apply the cooling pack to the affected area and let it take effect. The cold relieves pain and swelling and ensures that the inflammatory process is slowed down or stopped.

Schweriner Heilmoor is:

  • free of PVC softeners
  • particularly gentle and kind to the skin
  • made from 100 % organic natural moor

Also Popular: Taping

After the splint or bandage has been removed, you can continue taping the affected area so that the joints and tendons continue to be relieved. Inform yourself about the correct application beforehand.

An Experience Report

Our graphic designer Kevin Bölinger also had to struggle with a stubborn tendonitis for a long time. Here he reveals how he got rid of the inflammation:

"In the office job, always the same movement with my hand, after a while it becomes a one-sided strain... Of course, I can not change my entire work habits. When it started to become a problem, that is, that my wrist started to hurt, remedies had to come quickly. Mostly it's painkillers to suppress the pain, but the problem still lingers. I can't always afford to see a doctor at my full-time job, although of course health should come first. So I have to take my health into my own hands before the problem, the pain, becomes permanent.

As luck would have it, I work at the Massageliegenhaus Massunda and here we have quite a few tools on site for testing. My boss recommended that I use Hyperice's Hypersphere every day to help alleviate the tendonitis, which was already swollen at the time. No sooner said than done, whenever my hand started hurting while working on the mouse and keyboard, I grabbed the vibrating ball and did some exercises with my hand on the highest setting...and I have to say, it always brought relief and I was able to continue working. I think if you really do it regularly and take the Hypersphere to your hand every day, you can counteract tendonitis.

I've tried a lot of things to get rid of the pain in my hand, in the end medication with CBD in combination with the vibration therapy really helped me to be pain-free again!"


How Does the Hypersphere Work?

This vibration massage ball from Hyperice is a state-of-the-art fitness device that improves the performance and regeneration of the entire body. It also helps to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

With its compact dimensions, the ball reaches the entire body as well as pinpoint problem areas. This way you can reduce pain like that from tendonitis and even prevent it!

How Do I prevent Tendonitis?

However, so that it doesn't even have to get that far, we have some tips for you here.

    1. Use your keyboard correctly. Support the heels of your hands in front of it to take the strain off your joints. Pads can also help.
    2. Give yourself breaks. Move your hands occasionally and stretch them.
    3. Go for an ergonomically designed mouse.
    4. Worried tendonitis could be caused by sports or playing music? Increase your workload slowly to avoid overstraining your joints.
    5. Pay attention to recovery times.

We hope this blog article has helped you.

© Massageliegenhaus Massunda



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