The Right Way Of Using Knee Rolls

During a massage, the patient must be comfortable in their position. The right position is essential so that the muscles have a chance to relax. Masseurs can use a knee roll to help them with that.

Knee rolls are cylinder-shaped cushions that are being used to position the client. The goal is to make the patient comfortable lying down. Thanks to its many different uses, the knee roll is an important tool for every masseur.

When a human lies down on their back, the body weight in the area of the spine is mostly being carried by the sacrum and the middle part of the thoracic spine. On a hard ground like a massage table, this can be pretty uncomfortable and causes a hollow back. A knee roll makes sure the legs are bent slightly so that the entire spine can be supported. This way the weight is being evenly distributed.




How Are Knee Rolls Being Used?

To make sure the massage is as effective as possible, the patient has to be able to relax. The right position is essential. Especially older people and clients with back problems will profit from this tool.

As we have already mentioned, knee rolls are being placed under the knees to disburden the spine in a supine position. But a knee roll can be used in other positions as well. It can be placedƒ under the feet in a prone position to relieve the knees. This also causes the feet to be elevated so that the therapist can massage them more easily. The masseur can grab them easily and work unhindered.

Tip: A knee roll can also be used as a neck roll. It will relieve the neck in a supine position and improve comfort. Would you like to optimize your sleep? A neck roll can help with that and make sure you don’t wake up with a stiff neck.


What Are The Different Types Of Knee Rolls?

If you want to buy a knee roll, pay attention to the material and filling. We recommend knee rolls with a PU cover like our Fluffy by Zen Massage Ware. PU Leather is eco and skin-friendly and also water and oil-resistant. With that, the knee roll can be cleaned easily and has high longevity. We also recommend a foam filling. This will make the knee roll especially soft and makes sure that the muscles can relax without any problem.

Did you know? Because of its soft texture, you can also use our Fluffy as a pillow!

Knee rolls are also being differentiated by their size. In massage studios, you will mostly find rolls that are at least 50 cm long and have a diameter of 10 to 30 cm. Should you want a neck roll for your sleep, choose one that is longer to make sure your neck is being supported even if your sleep is fitful.



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