What is a therapy table?


What is a therapy table?

We all know therapy tables from physiotherapy surgeries offering medical massage, but also from non-corporate massage studios, from wellness temples and many other kinds of surgeries where "bodyworkers" operate. Compared to the typical wooden massage tables, the advantage of these tables is that they are electrically adjustable and offer high comfort, not only for the client but also for the practitioner.

They are electrically adjustable and can be operated by a surrounding system and also by means of foot switches. They are available with 2, 3, 4 and 5 adjustable segments.


What are the advantages of a therapy table?

It’s adjustable: Some tables are adjustable by means of a gas pressure spring. The table can be adjusted by a surrounding bar. Depending on how many segments the table is made up of, either the headrest or the footrest can be raised and lowered also separately. Where available, the armrests as well are adjustable. This allows the position of the patient to be adapted perfectly to the therapy and also to the physical condition of the client.


Height adjustment: Some types of treatment need to be carried out in seated, others in standing position. Furthermore, the practitioners within the surgeries may vary, each one of them of course having their own individual body size. In this case alone, the height adjustment of the table is of huge advantage, since it helps avoid the twisting of your own back in order to carry out the treatment on the patient. You will feel the difference after long working days. Another advantage is that you can shift the table down for the patients to take their position and then lift them up at for the treatment together with the table.


Stability: Especially overweight patients may have particular need for treatments, which means that it is extremely important that you can rely on the stability of your treatment table which can generally carry up to 225 kg easily.


Wheels: The integrated retractable wheels provide additional flexibility. You can easily drive them in and out and move the table to another place without damaging the floor. During the treatment, however, the wheels are retracted so as not to risk any accidental movement.


Good upholstery: A treatment table is padded with foam and it comes with a removable and easy-to-clean cover. This guarantees that the patient is always comfortable and yet, the table is easy to maintain.


Additional features: Some types of treatment need to be carried out on the patient in ventral position. In this case, the patient will very much appreciate your treatment table offering a specially shaped headrest with nose slot that helps your patient take a comfortable relaxed position and breathe easily. These treatment tables also come with an additional insert so that the nose slot can be covered easily when you need to lay patient in dorsal or side position.


Comfort: Besides the longevity and functionality of the tables, besides the optical and technical advantages, our therapy tables are also extraordinarily comfortable. This is an unbeatable advantage for any treatment, because every treatment is more successful if carried out on a table on which you can really relax. This is the way the therapy table virtually supports the work of the practitioner. Together, the two form a unit that offers a real bonus for the treated person.  


Why should you opt for a therapy or treatment table?

Once you have decided to set up a certain type of surgery, you should decide on a concept and then buy the appropriate treatment tables. Of course, you can also start on your own and buy a single table, and you can be sure that will be the only person using it. However, the studio or surgery has a much more professional effect when set up with high quality equipment.



What are the models and options?


Therapy table with 2 segments: This model "Rom" disposes of adjustable headboard. If required, you can remove the cover of the nose slot and create an opening for the patient’s face. The table is not only adjustable in height. It can be moved easily to another place thanks to the retractable rollers it disposes of.


Therapy table with 3 segments: There are two varieties of this table. The table "Berlin" comes with headboard and arm rest, or the treatment table Naggura N'GO304 has a separately adjustable headboard and foot part. The latter is particularly well suited for the treatment of the lumbar spine.


Therapy Table with 4 segments: The outstanding features of this therapy table "Paris" are the two individual arm rests. This table as well is adjustable in height. In the headboard, a facial recess is provided.


Therapy table with 5 elements: This model "Split" offers maximum adjustment. In addition to the adjustable head and foot part, there are also two separate arm rests. The table can be adjusted in height and even be entirely inclined.

Which model is the right one? Now, of course, you could state that as a beginner you should at first choose a slightly adjustable model and only by the time you are an expert switch to a model with many options. The fact is, however, that the reason for your choice should be the kinds of treatment you would like to offer. What positions do you need for the treatments? Will you need the possibility to carry out treatments on your patient in seated position? Will the patient need to be able to angle the legs while sitting and then be able to lay them comfortably? Then the model with 2 segments won’t do. Are you planning to carry out mainly treatments on the lumbar spine? Then it is important that the patient can be placed in an appropriate posture, which must be ideally supported by the table. How should the studio be arranged in principle? Are you going to offer only treatments on a table? Then there is nothing wrong with the table being placed in a fixed position. Or are you thinking about carrying out other kinds of treatment, as well? Then it should be possible to move the treatment table easily. This is what the rollers are excellent for, because they spare the back and the floor. How much space do you have in your studio or surgery? All our tables are available in different lengths. If there is not enough room for a particularly long table, it will make sense to opt for a shorter model. We will be happy to advise you before selecting and purchasing a therapy table. Contact us right away. We will be happy to answer your questions, so that you can be sure you are going to choose the right model in the end.



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