Fit at the Office – Prevent Pain and Tension With These Exercises


The unpleasant truth: Many office workers suffer from physical pain. Especially the back, the shoulders, the head and the arms cause trouble.

The cause behind the discomfort is easy to explain. Anyone who sits behind a computer for hours on end is overloading their muscles. Due to the lack of movement, they are not supplied with enough oxygen and harden. This leads to tension and pain.

To counteract these problems, you should integrate more movement into your daily work routine. We will show you how to prevent tension at the office and strengthen your health with and without tools.

1. Stretch Your Spine

Our bodies aren't made for sitting for long periods of time and need movement to stay fully functional. You can start by regularly and consciously stretching your spine.

Sit on a chair and interlock the fingers of your hands. Take a deep breath. Now bring your arms vertically above your head and push them back as far as possible. You should feel a noticeable tension in your upper arms. Hold the position for a few breaths and then slowly return your arms to the starting position.

2. One Round of Shoulder Circles

Sitting for long periods of time causes tension in the shoulders of many people. Now let's counteract this and relax our muscles.

Sit up straight in your chair without leaning against the back. Place your hands on your shoulders so that your elbows point outward. Stay upright! And now circle your shoulders, forward ten times and back ten times.


3. Treat Trigger Points

You've been leaning your neck to the side for too long and now it's hurting? Your hands are totally cramped? Use the Knobble to provide targeted relief.

The wooden knob replaces thumb pressure, so you can achieve a deep-acting self-massage with less effort. With the Knobble you alleviate trigger points all over the body, from the neck to the soles of the feet. The relaxing effect will follow in no time.

4. How to Strengthen Your Arms

No, you don't have to lug dumbbells to work. All you need to exercise your arms is your desk. Sit straight, tense your entire body and press your palms against the desk from below. This strengthens your upper and lower arms, is discreet, and keeps you fit.

Alternatively, you can try push-ups. To do this, rest your arms on the desk and back up until your body forms a straight line. Now tense your body and slowly lower it down before propping yourself back up. 5 minutes of exercise is already enough to wake up your arms.


5. Now it's the Fascia's Turn

Fascia is the name given to the soft connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and gives them their shape. Over time, fascia can stick together and harden, causing pain and limiting mobility.

With a fascia roll like the BLACKROLL® STANDARD, you can revitalize the structure of your fascia. Here, you work solely with your body's own weight and can vary the pressure on your tissues.

To exercise your upper back, clamp the fascia roll between your back and the wall. By bending and stretching your knees, the roll can now glide over your back and specifically relieve muscle pain and tension there.

To intensify the effect, equip your fascia roll with the booster. It is being inserted into the center and strengthens the massage through vibrations. Muscles regenerate faster and you return to your everyday life free of pain.

An alternative is the Vyper from Hyperice. This fascia roll with a vibration core promotes myofascial stimulation and, like the Booster, offers three intensity levels for an individual workout. Whether you're at home, in the gym or at the office.

For a massage of the forearms you can use the BLACKROLL® MINI.



6. With This Exercise You Train Your Butt at the Office

Use waiting time wisely. If you are standing at the coffee machine or in the elevator, imagine that you are holding a coin between your cheeks. Tighten your muscles for 15 to 20 seconds and release. You can repeat this five times.

7. Cupping Works Always and Everywhere

With silicone cups, you can target trigger points and relieve pain, similar to the Knobble. There are many ways you can use the cups here. We'll introduce you to two that work well in your workplace.

Placing is the easiest here. Place your cup on a pain point, such as on your hand or neck. Let the bell suck in and relax. For the next 30 seconds, focus your attention on that spot, then release and repeat as needed.

Pinching will increase the elasticity of your tissues and further strengthen them. Let the cup suck on the desired area and immediately pull it off. Repeat this several times. If you do the exercise quickly, you train stability, whereas a slow suction and pull-off provides more elasticity.


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