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Heat therapy is an important part of physiotherapy. In this blog article we will explain the different kinds of heat therapy, the different effects, and which types of pain it can help alleviate.


What is Heat Therapy and How Does it Work?

Heat therapy is a part of physiotherapy and is used to treat pain and non-inflammable diseases. The temperature relaxes the muscles and helps with the discomfort that is caused by tenseness. The heat works in different ways: It widens the vessels, supports the restoring of damaged tissue, and reduces pain. The blood-flow increases locally which lowers the concentration of inflammatory mediators and allows for metabolic products to be carted off faster. This alleviates the pain and damaged areas receive more oxygen and nutrients which help recover the normal state of the muscle.

Where is Heat Therapy Being Used?

Heat therapy can help with:

  • non-inflammable muscle pain
  • persistent and non-specific neck and back pain
  • muscle tension

When Do You Use Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy can benefit your health as well. We recommend it for acute injuries like sprained joins or swelling.


What are the Different Kinds of Heat Therapy?

There are many tools that physiotherapists and specialists use to treat pain.


With the help of infrared lamps, infrared light penetrates the top layer of the skin and is being forwarded as heat to the deeper layers. This supports blood flow and the relaxation of the muscles.

Ultrasound Heat Therapy

An ultrasound probe is put onto the affected area and gives off quick consecutive waves which create heat.

Heat Cushion

Cushions filled with cherry pits are popular in many households and are being heated in the microwave. They stimulate blood flow but are often more superficial than for example mud packs.

Hot Roll

Two thick towels are being rolled up tightly and drenched in hot water. Then they are being unrolled slowly onto the area that requires treatment and pressed down with massage-like motions.

Heat Patch

A heat patch is put onto the corresponding area and warms it over a longer period. The heat enters the body deeply and stimulates blood flow as well as the relaxation of muscles for up to 12 hours.

Thermal Wrap

With this kind of heat therapy, a substance that stores heat is put onto the body and pressed down. We recommend using organic moor.

What is Moor and How Does it Help?

Moor is a completely natural product that consists of healing clay. It is one of the oldest tools and due to the humic acid and minerals highly effective.

Moor contains several substances with pharmacological traits as well as a wide specter of minerals and micronutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and copper. Furthermore, healing clay can store heat.

The combination of these substances and heat helps:

  • alleviate inflammations
  • improve blood flow
  • stimulate the metabolism
  • improve the activation of cells and the immune system

We recommend using mud packs by Schweriner Heilmoor.


What is Schweriner Heilmoor?

A mud pack is a cushion made of medical fleece which is filled with healing clay. The foil on the back makes sure that no clay can leak. This is where you put the heat transfer medium.

Schweriner Heilmoor doesn’t use any additives or preservatives. And the best part? It can be used for both heat and cold therapy.

Mud packs are being used in different facilities and fields:

  • medical practices
  • physiotherapy
  • ergotherapy
  • clinics
  • rehabilitation centers
  • hospice
  • cosmetic studios
  • spa facilities
  • and more

Heat therapy with Schweriner Heilmoor works great for private use as well. Because of its natural components, you can dispose of it in your garden, the compost, or organic waste bins.

In our shop, you will find both mud packs and heat transfer mediums.

Heat Therapy as a Spa Treatment

Another popular form of heat therapy that is used in many spa facilities is the Hot Stone massage. The heated stones are being put precisely onto the affected regions, for example onto tense muscles. They optimize the circulation of the blood which transports more oxygen to the cells.

We have already taken a closer look at the topic in another blog article. We also offer Hot Stone sets and heaters in our shop as well as the fitting DVD which explains the different techniques.© Massageliegenhaus 2021


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