Our 5 Favorite Trends For Wellness and Fitness 2022

A new year has begun and comes with many new things that will change the world of fitness. Maybe you are someone who had promised themselves to work on their health this year. To support your success, we are sharing our 5 favorite wellness and fitness trends for 2022!

1. Mixed Sports Are a Breath of Fresh Air

You want to improve your fitness but all conventional training methods seem dry and boring? Maybe it’s time to try out a mixed sport! Combinations like Piloxing (boxing and pilates) or SUP-Yoga (yoga on a stand up paddle) are becoming more and more popular and available. You can either perform two of your most favorite sports at the same time or try something new without everything being unfamiliar.

2022 we are also combining exercise with relaxation. Sauna, massages or meditation are a great ending for powerful workouts.

2. No More Excuses Thanks to Mini Workouts

Not everyone has the time and energy to spend several hours a week at the gym. Challenges are good but once they get too big, they erase all motivation.

This year you can profit from numerous mini workouts. 10 minutes a day of exercises you can perform at home - training your body has never been this easy. And those who’d like to take it to the next level can invest in dumbbells.

And this is how it works: Make a short list of around 5 exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, sit-ups etc. Perform each exercise for 30 to 45 seconds with a 30 second break in between. Repeat the set twice. And…you’re done!


3. Mindfulness Takes Out Pressure

Mindfulness is a wellness trend that shows you that a healthy body doesn’t result in a healthy soul. The right exercises help you power down and concentrate on yourself. This way you can listen to yourself and perceive your environment better. Those who train their mindfulness regularly learn how to tell apart what’s important from what’s important to reduce stress.

In our blog article on the topic stress you will find a simple mindfulness exercise as well as other ideas on how to improve your mental well-being.

4. View Nature as a Gym

The last two years we have spent most of our time indoors and are now dying to go outside again. Cycling, hiking and running are gaining importance in 2022. Such a workout is not only free but also allows spontaneity.

Our tip: Those who don’t like to train in public but still want to do something good for their body can make use of classic walks. Take the time to enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood, either alone, with your dog or another person.

But no matter whether you prefer calm walks or energetic cycling: Being outside in nature is great for everyone and automatically reduces stress!

5. Hybrid-Training Combines Two Worlds

More and more gyms are offering hybrid classes that allow members to work together with others at home. Those who want to train at the studio can do so and those who don’t feel comfortable there simply stay in their own living room without being singled out. Despite the physical distance, the members can continue to interact and motivate each other. Either way, fitness is getting more social in 2022 and being in contact with others is becoming a priority.


The Bottom Line is:

It doesn’t matter if your goal is small or big, if you want to work on your physical or mental health - a lot of new opportunities await you in 2022. We hope this blog article helped inspire you on your way and that you now feel ready to finally tackle those New Year’s resolutions!


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