Products from Hyperice: Not only chic, but absolutely effective!

Products from Hyperice: Not only chic, but absolutely effective!


Hyperice products look absolutely chic. That alone attracts you to take a closer look at the devices, but they should also have something to offer. And they have! We would like to introduce you to these products and show you how, where and why you can use them.


Let's start with the already well-known Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus. These are so-called "massage guns", with which you can treat your tissues, relax muscles and release trigger points. The difference between the two devices: the design and the power. Where the silver-colored Hypervolt already delivers a powerful performance with 60 watts, the black elegant Hypervolt Plus replaces it and impresses with its 90 watts of pure power. The Hypervolt Plus is therefore super to use for muscular or trained people, whereby you can penetrate deeper into the muscles with more power. With 5 different attachments each, you can thus work and massage different areas of your body. Pressure sensors on the device show you how deep you are working in the tissue. Physiotherapists in particular like to use this function to "remember" which client can tolerate how much pressure and finds it pleasant. After all, the Hypervolt (Plus) is not only an exercise machine, but also a soothing massage tool!


Why Hypervolt and not another manufacturer?


Difference from other massage guns? The Hypervolts are very quiet and very light. Therefore, you will not feel disturbed by loud noises, nor will you stop treating yourself after 5 minutes because you can no longer hold the device.


The manufacturer has now given the Hypervolts a legendary update. Via Bluetooth, you can connect to your smartphone. Start the app (download via the Apple store) and let it show you workout ideas. Select a training program; the Hypervolt is directly adapted to the speed and intensity of this program, your workout can start immediately!


Numerous warm-ups are presented to you. The app saves your so-called "routines" and suggests new ones. Pros show you their workouts with the Hypervolt and some other great features the app has.


To get to know the Hypervolt (Plus) Bluetooth incl. App, there is only one way: try it out!

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