The Application and Benefits of Cupping

 The Application and Benefits of Cupping


What is Cupping?

What we refer to as Cupping is a popular method to provide relaxation and pain relief. The modern cups are made of easy-care and unbreakable silicone. The application consists in simply compressing the silicone cups and placing them on the skin of the aching muscle area. The negative pressure created by the cups not only stimulates the blood circulation but it also helps release muscle tensions, improves the lymphatic flow and provides pain-relief.

 In addition, it stimulates the immune system. There are also case studies reporting that Cupping has provided relief for troubles such as asthma, hypertension, migraines as well as burn-out and indigestion. And for no reason should the results of the soothing wellness be ignored. 


In just a brief summary, you can say that with the Cupping applications you can achieve the following results:

 - firmer skin

 - higher elasticity of the connective tissue

 - better body feeling

 - improved joint mobility

 - increased performance

 - reduced pain symptoms

 - increased blood circulation within the tissues and muscles**How does this ancient healing method, now also called Cupping therapy, work?**


The cupping method has been known as an ancient healing technique for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in the ancient Greece and French antiquity and Ayurveda the same way. In all those therapies, the heated glass bells that are placed on the skin of the back or thighs create a negative pressure as they start to cool down. The skin is pulled upwards inside these bells which causes the underlying tissue including the fascia*1 to be stretched. This method, referred to as dry Cupping, is much more pleasant than the rather bloody variant in which the skin is scarified before putting on the glass bells.


*1 Fascia = bands that run through the entire body forming a huge network. These bands envelope the muscles and muscle groups as a soft connective tissue and ensure their firmness. In a healthy state, the band, the fascia, adapts to the body movements and maintains its elasticity.


Cupping therapy - a symbiosis of tradition and modern comfort

The "secret" of the Cupping method lies in the combination of traditional Cupping combined with relaxing massage techniques. The users of modern Cupping benefit from the latest scientific findings of fascia training, which definitely represents a current trend, not only in gymnastics courses and sports centres, but also in sports medicine.


Researchers have found out that the cause of limitations in movement as well as tension and muscle pain are injured fascia strands that are matted and glued. Recent studies have shown those fascia strands that are in such a bad state, contribute with up to 90% to the "common disease" of back pain. The pain symptoms can be explained with the numerous pain receptors that are located along the fascia bands. Once a fascia is damaged, its original elasticity can only be recovered with specific workout.


 But what do these silicone Cupping cups promise us?

 The silicone bells (cups) are available in different sizes and therefore suitable for various application areas. The large cups are suitable for the back and legs and the small cups for the neck area as well as the face.


In contrast to the old bells in which the vacuum is obtained by heating them up and then cooling down on the skin, inside the silicone cups it is a mechanical action, the compression, that causes the negative pressure. The more pressure there is on the cups, the stronger pressure will there be on the skin. The fascia will subsequently be stimulated by slowly pushing or pulling the Cupping cups over the skin. In this way the body is stimulated for self-regulation, providing furthermore a deep massage effect.


The cups can be applied in the painful areas to provide relief. In a lot of cases, you can use the cups by yourself. For example, in the case of stress-related neck pain, simply pull a Cupping cup over the skin for a few minutes in the neck. Alternatively, you can apply a small cup for face massage. No later than now it should be obvious that the Cupping therapies are often associated with wellness.


 Is a "modern" Cupping application painful?

The negative pressure causes between slight and stronger spots on the skin. The stronger the pressure is, the heavier the stains and also the pain will be. This is the reason why, especially at the beginning, you should only produce a low vacuum. In this way you can reduce the pain considerably, and in most cases, there will result no bruises. In case you are taking blood-thinning medications, you should be particularly careful since those increase the risk of bruises. If there are any skin irritations, you should not practice the Cupping in those areas as long as the symptoms last, because this might cause further skin damage. Observing these instructions, the Cupping application not only contributes to your wellness, but it will even benefit your health.


 What is required for a successful Cupping application?

 The silicone cups are available in different sizes. The medium size, for example, is suitable for the neck area. This application can easily be carried out in your office to ensure the stretching of the fascia and prevent (further) tensions, like those the desk workers are often familiar with.


 Which Cupping methods can be applied?

 Two of the many possibilities that should be mentioned at this point are mobilizing and pinching. Whether you have symptoms such as tiredness, migraine, jaw crunching, hypertension, headaches, indigestion or a tennis elbow, there is a specific application method for relaxation or healing for each area. There are about 50 different symptoms for which the Cupping therapy can be used since this method contributes to one's own health and personal well-being.


 What is BellaBambi?

 BellaBambi is the name of the Cupping cups. These are available, for example, as a set together with the book on the new method of loosening the fascia named "CUPPING, die neue Methode zum Lösen der Faszien” (in German language), which describes all the methods of correct application in easy and understandable way.


The BellaBambi cups are also available as ‘Mini Solos’, ‘Mini Trio’, ‘Original Trio’, ‘Original Solo’ and ‘Release-Bundle’ at The application can be situated in the professional area as well as in the beauty, wellness and sports sector or at your home.


According to your own skin type or existing sensitivity, all the Cupping cups are available in three types of intensity for you to choose.


The lemon yellow ‘Sensitive’ variant is suitable for particularly sensitive skin and is used for the treatment on children and on the face.


The orange ‘Vitality’ variant is suitable for treating cellulitis, scars and stretch marks. In addition, it is perfectly suited for neck and back massage.


The ‘Intensive’ version in ruby red is used for a strong connective tissue and the men's skin. The BellaBambis in detail:


The ‘Mini Solos’ are 4.5 cm high and have a diameter of 3.0 cm. For the ‘Mino Solos’ you can choose the variant individually.


The ‘Mini Trio’ pack comes with all three variants, all the same height and diameter.


The BellaBambi ‘Original Solo’ cups are 7.5 cm high and have a diameter of 5.0 cm.


The ‘Original Trio’ pack comes with all three variants, all the same height and diameter.


In addition to the BellaBambi ‘Original’ and the BellaBambi ‘Mini’ cups, the ‘Release-Bundle’ also includes the book on pain relief through Cupping named "Schmerzfrei durch Cupping” (in German language).


This book, along with 90 exercises, explains how the combination of Cupping and physiotherapeutic techniques is also suitable as a self-treatment method to relieve tension in the fascia strands and skeletons. **Product characteristics of the Cupping cups**


The cups are made in Germany and consist of biocompatible and skin-friendly silicone, they are classified as dermatologically harmless. They are heat resistant up to 220 degrees Centigrade and can be washed in the dish washer. The surface of the cups is slip-proof and the peeling edge ensures excellent adhesion as well as increased scissor effect on the skin.


1200CuppingBuchQuadratisch9SNhGzdJ97HiX Here you can find our Cupping Range

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